• Evolution Science Tries to Explain Women and Fails Again

    January 29, 2012 6:06 pm 139 comments
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  • “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” ~ Albert Einstein

    It isn’t much fun for the fellas when Aunt Ruby is in town. Cranky, bloated and craving salt or chocolate a woman’s body grieves another missed opportunity to incubate new life each month during menstruation. A new controversial and unethical evolution and behavioral scientific study claims that men can tell if a woman is on her period by the sound of her voice. In addition, these evolutionists are using this ‘finding’ to deny divine creation.

    For the study, the psychologists Nathan Pipitone at Adams State College and Gordon Gallup at SUNY Albany instructed three groups of men to listen to 10 women counting from one to five. Each lady was recorded during four phases of one full menstrual cycle.

    After listening to random ordered recordings from each woman, the men tried to guess which recordings were made during the women’s periods. While the men had a one in four chance of guessing correctly, the scientist say the men correctly guessed 35% of the time. The scientists say this was significant because the group answers were 40% more successful than the 25% probability of guessing randomly.

    Estrus, the pre-ovulation cycle characterized by sexual excitement, is present in animals, not humans. Humans can have sexual encounters and excitement at all stages of a female’s reproductive cycle. The study was intended to test if any vocal signals were detectable during the menstruation or ‘no sexy time’ phase of estrus and thus bolster the premise that humans do have latent estrus cycles to prove evolutionary progress. Boy, do these two have a lot to learn about the interaction between men and women.

    According to Pipitone and Gallup the better than statistically predicted performance was due to latent vocal estrus signals only the men could detect. They infer that without evolution, the men would be able to sense if a woman is menstruating 100% of the time, which is just snake oil science. This study relies on several myths and assumptions that are not only an affront to Christian values, but women as well.

    “A subconscious (and often conscious) aversion to menstruation makes sense in evolutionary terms, since males wanting to pass on their genes are better off seeking out females closer to ovulation. Over time, the ability to parse a woman’s menstrual cycle could have proliferated, as more perceptive men reproduced more successfully.”

    Men are Not good listeners.

    If these evolutionary science geniuses were to be believed, a man is tuned to a woman’s voice like a dog to a whistle. This is simply hogwash. Men are distracted by their position as spiritual leaders of the home. They are built to be listened to, not to be listening. One exclusive Chris†Wire.org study proves this conclusively.

    Over 200 couples gathered for a weekend marriage retreat participated in the two part study. Each couple was placed in a windowless waiting room. The men were under the impression the study had not begun yet in order to capture their unbiased responses. The women then casually asked their significant other “Do these pants make my butt look big?” Hidden cameras recorded their responses. In the majority of responses, men were not able to hear or decode the question. As natural leaders, they are not tuned to the woman’s voice as the evolutionary science geeks would have everyone believe.

    The second phase of the study solidifies man’s role as speaker, not listening agent.

    The men were then called into a clinical setting without their spouse and asked a second question by a member of the study team. “Is your wife on her period?” A significant number of men responded by questioning if the wife could hear his response. This conclusively proves men naturally view themselves not as listeners, but someone to be listened to as a divine characteristic of man regardless of the woman’s stage in the menstrual cycle.

    The Chris†Wire.org researchers using both Christian ethics and divine common sense were able to prove what we knew all along. The participating men, with the exception of the three outliers that were found to be closeted homosexuals, were not attentive or particularly good at decoding the screeching messages from their menstruating spouses because they were not created to do so. It also brings up ethical questions of these evolution and behavioral scientists.

    Ethical Questions

    Many of the evolution and behavioral studies use women as lab rats or treat them as chattel. Like some government grant funded playboy club, these scientists use a DOE or a design of experiment that includes prostitutes, pole dancing and whorish observations to prove evolution and disprove the validity of creation science. They mock Christian values of faith, family and reproductive freedom for women to incubate life and narrowly define human beings as less than spiritual creatures.

    These scientist completely ignore the fact women will synchronize their menstrual cycles when in confined living conditions or herded together in a work environment. If evolutionary forces were at work, why would this occur? A single man cannot service all the women at once, let alone endure all of them having a period at the same time without divine intervention. It is clear the synchronization of periods is a sign from God to look further than mere procreation and to selecting a woman that will not only bear a brood of children, but teach them to be good Christians.

    What is also dubious is the fact that study participants may not be properly vetted for experimentation. These studies rarely release social metrics such as the number of homosexuals, drug doers or Atheist are being subjected to reacting to a whore’s advances or watching pole dancers in 5 hour shifts. The very nature of the experiments leads one to believe that it is likely the evolution scientists are selecting participants that will act more like animals than say Christians and treats women like chickens instead of the beautiful helpmates provided by a loving Creator.

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