• Fundamentalist Atheist Neil deGrasse Tyson Claims Newt Gingrich Moon Base Is Impossible

    January 29, 2012 4:39 am 90 comments
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    Some loudmouthed atheist named Neil deGrasse Tyson is spouting off and trying to claim that America cannot land on the moon. There are some crazy liberals out there but the most left-wing of them all are these uneducated nuts who think NASA never put a man on the moon.

    As China sits on the horizon of space domination, poised to send a man into space and to build their own moon base and their own space station, we have Democrats in this country who are not rising to the very challenge their very own John F. Kennedy set before this Christian nation. Dominate space.

    The final pure Christian candidate for 2012 president, Newt Gingrich, hears the call of duty. He knows that a great space race is coming between America and China, a new Cold War for American to dominate with weapons mightier than nukes and space technology that will take America’s boundaries from every subservient member of the UN and beyond!

    But look at the loud mouth lunatic. His name is Neil deGrasse Tyson. This no good sot is spouting off anti-American rhetoric about not building a moon base. His education must be laughable at best, compared to a great educated mind like Newt Gingrich. This is the type of person Obama has in his administration, shutting down NASA and America’s space ambition. Let’s tell people like this to stick to working TSA and other menial work, and leave space exploration to those of us brave enough to go the frontiers of space.

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