• Gay Marriage Mystery Illness Leaves Upstate N.Y. Teens With Twitches, Spasms And No Answers

    January 28, 2012 11:25 am 64 comments
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    For It Is Written!

    Psalms 106:29 Thus they provoked him to anger with their inventions: and the plague brake in upon them.

    Oh fecal friendly nation of America, you have provoked your God to anger!  Did you not think that you could allow two men to get married, musky up their hotel room with late night lube the bride’s backside parties and get away from the wrath of the Lord your God!
    I’ve said it once and I will say it again.  New York City has become a Sodomy Megalopolis!  Wild, red bull toking and pole smoking gays running amuck, thrusting their hips wildly and spreading their stinking sins all across the national media!  What are you thinking making the every day lifestyle of gay men legal, American people.
    What a great, shiny sugar plummed with sparkly anal sins target you have made for God to crack.! And woe, America, woe unto you for the sins of the fathers have become the sins of the sons.
    Yesterday, God unleashed the plague of wrath upon more than a dozen teens at a high school in upstate New York.  Doctors were perplexed and terrified about the ‘mystery illness’ that they have never seen before.  The students are having great twitching of the thighs and painful spasms of the gluteal muscles.
    This reminder is right of the textbook of the Salem witch trials.  Hallucinations.  Pestilence.  Painful body aches.  Misery!  That is because gays are miserable colon worshipping mystics who stand in awe of the excretory system.  Hopefully every gay knows when judgment day comes, they will be excreted into a heaping pile of homo in the sizzling pits of hell.  What a musty, sulfur scented fate!

    One of the teens, Tara Sancho said she woke up from a nap and had terrible symptoms.  Another teen, Chelsea, was stricken with a gay lisp:  “I couldn’t stop stuttering,” said the shocked student.  “And throughout the day, I got worse, and I started twitching and everything.”

    The New York youngsters have reported the symptoms getting worse and worse ever since the New York State Government allowed gays to get married.

    The debilitating condition ahs caused a great lifestyle chance for many of these young people in Genesee County.  The teens were once active and virile, their young bodies strong with the breath of life from God.

    But now homosexuality is in the air.  The scent of the sins from that lifestyle are suffocating and not pure.  And we can see it is clogging the lungs of America’s future, leaving their bodies exhausted and in pain.  This serves as a reminder of what all gays face, their bodies exhausted drum drugs and lesions untold from unimaginable acts they do to each other each and every night.

    The youngsters are getting a taste of what it means to have a Gay America.  If gay is allowed nationwide, laws will allow gays to backbeat any person they want and inject our children with drugs.  Our students will have to get used to waking up confused, molestered and diseased, because our government is trying to rule the normal lifestyle of gays should be something we all accept.

    “I hate when it happens because my body is sore. Sometimes it gets me to the point where I want to cry from twitching so much,” one innocent student said.

    While New York doctors cannot come right out and say it, these students are all experiencing what is known as Gay Bowel Disease.

    Even though none of them may be gay, having second hand exposure to gay lifestyles and fumes is just as deadly as second hand smoke.  Secondary Gay Bowel Disease is debilitating and as we can see in this study, deadly and traumatizing to those who have to live in a predominately gay city.

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