• Has Your Daughter or Wife Been Caught Into Reddit’s Gonewild Imgur Trafficking Underworld?

    January 23, 2012 12:25 am 30 comments
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  • There is a terrifying and dangerous new website named Reddit.com.  It is filled with the very same strangers that haunted our families on Myspace only a decade ago.  It the interim, they have grown more net savvy and have found more ways to entice women and children to ‘be friendly’ and share pictures with them, so they can do such perverted, nasty things with those images that the imagination cannot even comprehend.

    Love in the digital era: Reddit Passwords are being compared to sex in terms of intimacy and vulnerability - and many experts advise against teens from sharing their access codes

    Naive and Ripe for the taking. You may think your daughter is locked away safely in her room, but Reddit's new 'Password Pal' trend puts a hormone surging college boy right over her shoulder. Password Pals on Reddit.com can instantly gain access to anyone's image folder on Imgur and it is impossible for you as a parent to trace, unless you know your daughter's password.

    Award-winning investigative journalist Stephenson Billings first brought this seedy website to the light of normal people months ago, with his hard hitting expose Is My Teen on Reddit?

    Thousands of concerned parents instantly emailed and expressed concern that they found the “Reddit.com” social site within their child’s search history.

    Alarmed by the massive amounts of emails from parents, I realized that Reddit.com is truly a concern and growing epidemic for the modern American family.  But just how dangerous and predatory were its users?  To find out, I would have to pose as a Reddit.com user on the most saucy of its communities, the “Gone Wild” social platform.

    What went wrong with Myspace and is currently going wrong on Facebook is easily eclipsed by what we’re seeing on Reddit.  On Facebook and Myspace, the thrill of the internet predator was to snag a solitary conversation with the naive female web user and perhaps if he was ‘lucky’, a meetup where he would then drug the naive victim, drag her to a forest and then do horrible things to her.

    We’ve all warned our children about stranger dangers and husbands should make no hesitation to remind wives to ‘be careful’ when using the internet as well.

    But Reddit takes stranger interaction to entirely new levels.  What was once secret and solitary on older web 1.0 sites, the Reddit.com site offers a ‘web 2.0’ experience, which apparently facilitates and encourages prolonged user interaction through sophisticated software systems.

    There is  an email ‘inbox’ where users can exchange ideas and information, the icon lighting up to a sultry, demonic lust red when a new flirt message is received, but then there is also an ‘image inbox’ entitled IMGUR (Inside My Genitalia Upon Request) where users can secretly upload photos of each other and with but a shared password, can have access to the most intimate of shots of their ‘friends’ and no one outside the ‘circle of friends’ will be none the wiser.

    In order to explore the world of Reddit, I created an account which I will not mention here for the sake of future investigations.  In order to ‘verify’ myself as legit, I did have to bare several intimate parts of my body but per the site’s policy, could keep my face hidden.  My profile and pictures were an instant success, bringing the strange creatures who inhabit this site to quickly like my mail box aflame with requests for more pictures and to give them access to my “IMGUR” folders.  Within a day, I had over 400 requests for Password Pals.

    Being young, fit and of mixed ancestry seemed to be what turned these lurking pack wolves into prowling, howling horndogs.  Requests that I did not immediately answer were quickly followed-up by angry requests, saying I should not tease and entice without instantly giving them more access to me.  Within several hours of posting the intimate pictures of myself, I began to feel scared and afraid.

    I learned that on Reddit, each forum has a ‘code word’ for soliciting online intimacy. From R/trees/, I kept receiving messages from ‘ent’ (enterprise?) users who offered to ‘scrog’ me.  From Reddit jailbait, creepy looking men sent me passwords to obtain pictures of their [m]ale members, asking me if my parents were around much and the like.  It was truly terrifying.  I felt like an innocent butter drenched deer walking into a musky den of recluse yet famished perverted orcs, all sprawling and clamoring to get just the slightest taste of my flesh at whatever cost.

    Things only got much worse as the night went on.  At some point, weird people from /r/politics started to show up.  Looking through their comment history, I could see their nights were spent finding new ways to gave text-based felatio to Ron Paul’s policies and apparently ‘frapping’ to pictures of me.  It is truly bizarre.

    At this point, those of you with sons may be letting out a sigh of relief.   Even though the focus of my investigation deals with daughters and wives who may innocently browse Reddit to find news, only to be coerced into showing off their naughty bits, young men are in just as much danger.

    There is a thing called “Karma” the pervert coders of Reddit built into the site.  If you show things the community likes, they will give you more Karma points and let you into secret areas of the website.  Young men are typically accosted by older men on the site who use their wealth to buy up Karma points, then make the poor and desperate college student take perverted imgur pictures to get a piece of the pie.

    I took a peak into /r/LGBT (the gay reddit) and was shocked by how many examples of young men being solicited that I witnessed.  Though we should always keep in mind, for every one gay four young children are back bothered.

    Due to the amount of requests and harrassment I received on the site, I have not logged in since the time of my investigation.  To think of what the men on that site are doing as they look at images of me is beyond disgusting and humiliating.  I can only hope my investigation sparks concern and fear enough in parents to truly look deep into this site and make sure that your child is not involved.

    From my observations, at least 90% of people who mention they are female on the site are sexually solicited.  I am one of the victims and even though I went in for a sociological experiment, my am now a victim of image trafficking.  I can only imagine the ways young, naive high school and college women are being manipulated by the old, seasoned stalking professionals who inhabit that bizarre left-wing website.

    One of the most awkward messages I received was from a gamer who claimed he took a break from playing Skyrim (a new release for World of Warcraft) because he wanted to “epic mount my chest”. He linked the image you see in his inbox message, saying that was his face when he saw me. This type of behavior is indicative of the dangers and fowardness that awaits your child should you let them alone on the Reddit website.L

    And to think what happens to our sons on that site, the young men who believe they are invincible and are too cocky to think that a stranger is not working at a prey trap on them.  They get caught off guard and before they know it, are caught into taking sultry pictures to gain more ‘karma’ and a bizarre need for attention.

    Online love in the digital era is something of which all parents must be aware. The Myspace strangers of yesteryear are posting as online friendlies in a format where they can have prolonged secret access to your child, talking to them about the follies, humor and happenings of every day life, then when the moment is right, striking them below the belt in digital ways that must make Satan hoot and holler with excitement. Let’s protect our children and keep them away from the liberal haven known as Reddit.

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