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  • Sam Walton founder of Wal-Mart

    Hidden Behind the Cross

    Wal-Mart… Satan’s Outpost of Hell on Earth!

    An Exclusive Report to chris†wire…


    By Brother Johnathan Bane

    BJ Ministries

    Augora Hills, California


    January 30, 2012


    Sidebar: ¹“Today I’m ready to join the ranks of all right–thinking people the world over in declaring Wal-Mart an outpost of hell on earth.”

    Danny Duncan Collum, Sojourners Magazine


    Until recently I knew very little about the mega-giant Wal-Mart Corporation headquartered in the heart of America’s Bible-Belt in Bentonville, Arkansas. As a boy growing up in the church I remember hearing about Wal-Mart’s founder, Sam Walton, a devout Christian and family man who taught Sunday school prayed with his children and was involved with a number of charitable efforts.


    Sam Walton became a sort of boyhood hero after I heard the story of his pious quest to improve his customer’s living standards by offering them low prices in his chain-stores, which at that time were mostly still located in Southern and Eastern states.


    The company experienced an unprecedented growth rate of ²25,000% between 1990-2002, but in 2003 after some of Bentonville’s dirty little secrets went public exposing corruption and scandal at the top levels of the world’s largest retailer, and within the wealthiest family in the U.S. it became increasingly difficult for the corporation to preserve the founder’s sterling Christian public persona after his death in 1992.


    Ever wonder how Wal-Mart can sell for less than other retailers? A friend living in the Lake Tahoe area who I will call Joe recently purchased a 40 inch HDTV from Wal-Mart’s online Cyber-Monday sale following the Thanksgiving holiday. The HDTV was advertised for one-day only at $329.99, but Wal-Mart collected an amazing $989.97 on the sale by employing a simple but effective scam.


    I would have known nothing of this fraud had Joe not been one of the victims. I agreed to follow his story hoping to expose this shameless act of greed. Not only did Joe’s case alert me to the fact that something was wrong, but it pushed me to begin my own investigation into the Walton family and the Wal-Mart Corporation in order so that I could learn the truth about my boyhood hero Sam Walton. Was Sam the Christian man I thought, or was this scam the result of corporate greed from a company gone astray following the death of its founder?


    The Scam

    After Joe purchased his new HDTV it arrived a few days later but was defective which Joe reported to Wal-Mart’s Customer Service center. The customer service agent emailed Joe an agreement to provide his “electronic signature” which would authorize Wal-Mart to immediately send him a replacement and allow Joe 60 days to return the defective unit.


    Joe did provide his signature and three days later the replacement arrived. Joe boxed up the defective unit for its return to Wal-Mart then phoned customer service and told them the defective unit was ready to be returned. He was informed FedEx was scheduled to pick up the unit, three days later FedEx arrived and Joe helped the woman driver load the defective unit into her truck. He was given a receipt for the pick up and the driver departed.


    Six weeks or more pass before Joe gets an email from Wal-Mart stating that since he had failed to return the defective unit as agreed his Visa was charged for the second HDTV. Then during the process of contacting both Wal-Mart and FedEx to straighten out the matter Joe discovered that Wal-Mart had filed an insurance claim with FedEx for the loss as well!


    What happened to the defective HDTV is unknown, I suspect it’s in some employee break room at FedEx or Wal-Mart where no one is complaining about the nine burned out defective pixels that caused Joe to return it. Regardless Wal-Mart sold one HDTV for $329.99 but fraudulently collected $989.97 for the purchase. What a huge profit bonanza for the corporation who lures customers into their stores by promising… “Low Prices!”


    This one example provides some sense of how Wal-Mart’s internal workings helps keep prices low but it doesn’t explain how the corporation consistently undersells it competitors. In order for me to learn the truth about Sam Walton and the Wal-Mart Corporation I would need to conduct an exhaustive investigation and do plenty of research.


    The Dirt on Wal-Mart

    Child Labor used by Wal-Mart


    In took me about two days of research before I realized what I didn’t know about the Wal-Mart Corporation and the Godless Walton brood could fill volumes. But two days was plenty of time for me to admit my shortcomings and reach the conclusion that Sam Walton, my boyhood hero was not the man I’d always believed him to be. In fact today I have joined the boycott against Wal-Mart and have forbidden my wife, “Babs” from ever spending another penny of my money in any Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club’s (owned by Wal-Mart) ever again.


    My research and internal investigation of the Wal-Mart Corporation and the greed-driven Walton family sadly has convinced me that Wal-Mart is nothing more then a global front for Satan’s work here on Earth. Every chapter of the Sam Walton story and the global empire he built, I found had nothing to do with Christian service to others, or lowering prices in order to improve the lives of his customers.


    Is Wal-Mart a Christian company? “No,” said former Wal-Mart executive Don Soderquist adding, “But the basis of our decisions was the values of Scripture.” If that is true then how did Wal-Mart in 2004 manage to pull in sales of $256.3 billion while exceeding the sales of Microsoft and retail competitors Target, Home Depot, Kroger and Costco… combined?


    According to ³Christianity Today Magazine, “Christians are among those sounding the alarm about the ethics of this retail giant.” Ella Hereth with the advocacy group, Jobs with Justice told CT that Wal-Mart is the “poster boy for corporate exploitation.” “Wal-Mart’s practices are immoral and unfair,” said associate pastor Reginald Williams at Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ who has called for a boycott of the mega-giant corporate greed machine.


    Today Wal-Mart exceeds $1 billion in sales of Christian-themed merchandise and I found many Christians who say they are grateful “for the values behind the Wal-Mart phenomenon,” but who I discovered knew nothing of the company’s history or shameless business model. They think Wal-Mart is a family-friendly retail outlet and that the company was founded based on Scripture, and biblical values of “respect, service and sacrifice.”


    But what the corporation and the Walton family have hidden behind the Christian cross from our view is anything but Christian. Just a few of the issues that have been alleged against Wal-Mart publicly or in civil lawsuits are: Child-labor, outsourcing American jobs, limiting workers pay and hours to avoid paying a “living-wage” and providing some basic benefits such as health insurance, forced unpaid overtime, sweatshop issues, paying below minimum wage, having underage or illegal aliens as employees and much more.


    Malachi 3:5 gives us a look at how the Lord rebuked “those who defraud laborers of their wages.” And in James 5 those who “failed to pay the workmen who mowed your fields” are condemned. So the question remains… do our investments and purchases from this global behemoth honor God? You decide Christian. Look for more on the Walton’s and Wal-Mart as my investigation continues.   


    ¹ Sellers, Jeff M., Deliver Us from Wal-Mart, Christianity Today Magazine, May 2005

    ² Freeman, Richard, Wal-Mart’s Walton Family: The Beasts of Bentonville, January 23, 2004

    ³ Sellers, Jeff M., Deliver Us from Wal-Mart, Christianity Today Magazine, May 2005

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