• Internet Blackout Causes Emosexual Riots

    January 19, 2012 4:28 pm 75 comments
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  • Today’s, children are sad pathetic spoiled whimpering wussies. They stay in their room and listen to godless music all night long, and complain about bullying during the day. Whenever they can, they take to the internet to whine about how they are misunderstood and picked on, but yet they are intolerant and bully anyone that does not agree with them and their narrow world view. Simply, they are anti-social and addicted to the internet.

    Now we have seen what they will do when you take it away. Just like a meth addict with their crystal methods of chemical escape taken away from them they lash out and destroy, with violence and anti-social mischief.

    Yesterday much of the internet world participated in an online protest of Obama’s Orwellian SOPA plan. The plan is geared at censoring websites that do not give into his way of thinking and will ban any websites that do not promote his socialist communistic ways and thoughts. To show universal disgust for this plan many websites shut down for the day and were not viewable, including Christwire.org.

    Because today’s kids have no idea how to function without the internet and their twitters, Bryan Starses, wikipedia, wikilinks and emotubes they took to the streets to make trouble and mischief. In some cities they made the leap from making trouble to riots.

    Last night in Boondocks, West Virginia there was a full fledged riot that took police by surprise. Godless Emosexuals took to the streets and started setting fires. Angry parents and neighbors came out of their houses and were set upon by the evil black faced emos. Police were called and the threats escalated.

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