• Is Mitt Romney A Mexican?

    January 11, 2012 7:31 pm 129 comments
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  • YES!

    NBC News is reporting that Romney’s great grandfather, Miles Park Romney, went to Mexico to escape American justice. Polygamy (having more than one wife) was illegal so Great Grand Daddy Romney rounded up the clan and moved south to Mexico. Even after the Mormon Church (not to be confused with real Christians) ended polygamy, which they called ‘plural marriage, the family remained in Mexico.

    Mitt’s father, George Romney, was born in 1907 in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. But George Romney came back to the U.S. to flee the Mexican revolution. He then had Mitt in Detroit. As an “anchor baby”.

    Once they had an anchor baby, George began living the American Dream, taking it away from real Americans who’s ancestors did not leave the country so they could impregnate innumerable amounts of Mexican whorelots. He became rich and was the Governor of Michigan and even ran for President himself! Thank God for Nixon winning!

    Everyone knows that just like how Mormons are not real Christians, Mitt Romney is not a real Republican. But to try to fit in, he supports Republican ideas as keeping dirty Mexicans, such as his father, out of our pristine American nation. One of these is Romney’s opposition to the Dream Act, which would allow illegal mexican children to attend college and earn citizenship. In fact he stated that these illegal border hopping mexicallies should be:

    “… going to their home country, applying for citizenship or permanent residency just like everybody else, and getting back in the line.
    They should have to get in the same line with everybody else who wants to come here legally.”

    Amen to that.

    Romney’s Mexican cousins are not happy about this. In fact, Maria Elena Durazo of the LA County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, and Congresswoman Judy Chu are going to have a local press conference to whine about Romney’s opposition to the Dream Act. Which will only do good for Romney in the long run. It will show Republican voters that even though he is a dirty Mexican anchor baby himself, he can still say “NO! Keep your dirty chimichanga butts over there” to his own filthy “familia” that wants to swim the Rio Grande into America.

    To watch NBC’s report on Romney’s Mexican familia click here.

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