• Kathy Griffin Topless Stunt Backfires, Ruins New Year’s Eve for Anderson Cooper and All of America

    January 1, 2012 4:10 pm 30 comments
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  • If you like your eyes, you may just want to click away and not watch the following video.  For some reason, Carrot Top Kathy Griffin thought that the best way to start out 2012 was to give the world a look at her ginger freckled sag cannons.  Sure, plastic surgery is a common entree in the Hollywood world but you must remember that D list celebrities get saggy DD oompa jobs.

    The best case scenario is that Kathy Griffin realized all the mean things she’s done in the past is leading her to hell.  When the headline Kathy Griffin topless comes along you should know that is hell kindling in the making, yet Griffin takes no heed.  The best case scenario here is that Griffin heard Anderson Cooper is a gay and was trying to show him her freshly scuplted tomatillos but failed to realize that you cannot bribe anyone but a maggot with rotten fruit.

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