• Killer Sharks versus Orca Battle it Out in New Zealand

    January 27, 2012 8:29 am 4 comments
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    The Australian country of New Zealand shows a new savage ocean sport. The people in these lands have taken a majestic orca and thrown it into an ocean ‘cock fighting ring’, where they are forcing it to battle with several hungry, meanly trained and ornery great white sharks!

    I know that Sister Susan recently proved that this Kiwi Zulu aborigine British criminal descendants were brutal, but this takes the cake! I am so sickened by what I am seeing here? Is this the hope and the dream of Steve “Crocodile Dundee” Irwin for his people? I say they all infected with the spirit of a rogue Tasmania devil!

    I cried when watching this video. Tears rolled down my face. This no better thans some Mexidaygos fighting some roosters. I am calling the Australia ASPCA to report that they are fighting sharks and orcas down in that primitive land and I can only hope America will leave the nuclear option or sanctions on the table for Syndey from this.

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