• Kristen Stewart Uses Mime to Explain what Twilight Series is All About

    January 1, 2012 7:42 pm 22 comments
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    I have preached for nearly ten years against the hellspawn words in the book “Twilight” by JKR Rowling. This evil book has caused all sorts of terror in the homes of America: children getting pregnant, getting rabies through blood ceremonies and dropping out of school.

    But even when I present the evidence, there are parents out there who refuse to believe this movie is all bad. So here is the harem vampire “Bella” who is played by Kristen Stewart. She does an intepretive telling of what Twilight is all about in 15 seconds. The head bobs are husking the sin cob actions and that’s how every Vegas hooker’s long career of broken promises, drug addiction and death starts.


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