• McDonald’s Pink Slime – The Future Food of America

    January 31, 2012 7:20 pm 29 comments
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  • Since my expose yesterday, many concerned and angry people have sent wild emails about mechanically processed food. Mothers have tried to defend their putting career ahead of family, trying to act like there is a good reason to feed our American children McDonald’s Pink Slime instead of putting a good, home cooked meal before their husband and children each and every day.

    Honestly, America, would Great-grandmother allow this to go into the mouth of her family?

    That is chicken nugget pink slime. It is used in hot dogs, jerky meat, spam deli bologna sandwiches and premade meat cuts like chicken nuggets. If you are putting this type of nonfresh nonsense into the belly of your family, shame on you.

    This is a good opportunity to remind everyone that feminism is destroying society. For every year that goes by that we delude ourselves into thinking a home can function without the loving grace of a caring mother, we will continue to see more disgraces to humanity such as this pink chicken meat.

    Women have a natural responsibility to care for what they pop out of their bodies, aka, your children. Stop being lazy, women of today. Companies are taking advantage of society and it is these ‘career women’ who are making all of these things bad.

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