• Newt vs Obama : Let the Battle for the Women Begin!

    January 21, 2012 7:07 pm 30 comments
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  • On the eve of a Gingrich victory in the South Carolina primary race, it is clear the President is worried and must use all the campaign tricks in his Chicago magic sack to lure the woman vote. It is embarrassment that he is pandering for the female vote so openly. Like many I watched the President who is not President Bush sing the first few lines of “Let’s Stay Together” with complete disgust. [See it HERE] One can clearly hear the women in the audience start dropping their panties after the first “Eye-eyeye”. You can see it in his mischievous smile – he knows it’s wrong, but he don’t wanna be right. He should be ashamed using the Reverend Al Green mojo to advance in politics by ensnaring the woman vote.

    The song, “Let’s stay Together” was the number one cause of pregnancy in 1971-1972 and a top ten melodic catalyst for unplanned sexual encounters for a decade thereafter. It is, in two words, ear porn. The Reverend Al Green has some powerful ju-ju when it comes to spreading love. Men are also affected. “Love and Happiness”, another song from the iconic album helped my slut cousin Scarlet rustle a house out of a man. Casually singing a few notes well is dangerous stuff. People end up pregnant and such.

    Combined with Obama’s newest stance on free contraceptives under ObamaCare, it is clear he is clamoring for the loose, indiscriminate woman vote. He has to be fearful of the Gingrich surge and what that means for November 2012.

    Newt is clearly leading this contest. Not only because he has wide appeal with men that direct their woman’s vote. Speaker Gingrich has a cosmic sexual energy that draws competing women into his orbit like a blinding star. His prowess with the ladies is the stuff of musky testicular legend, outpacing even that infamous clumsy playboy President Bill Clinton and his quaint, albeit backwoods charms. Newt Leroy Gingrich is Baccarat crystal and Tiffany class, packaged in a pretty satin blue box. He is impeccably groomed and smells like a heady mix of exceptionism, intelligence and smaller government. All qualities, frankly, the current administration lacks.

    The Speaker’s ability to tame the throngs of clawing women was made clear this week during testimony from his ex-wife, Marianne Gingrich. Her claims of his pleas for an “open marriage” are evidence of his sense of moral duty to those that need him so desperately. Unfortunately, the clingy Marianne Gingrich did not see him as spiritual leader of the home and refused his request, leaving Gingrich with little choice but to divorce her. His love for America and her women is that honorable.

    It is sad that the current administration must throw contraceptives from the back of a pickup truck like a sweetheart princess throws candies in exchange for a vote as homecoming queen, but it illustrates their desperation. They are not the prettiest of packages. With his lazy island lope and black nipples he can’t seem to keep covered at the beach, the President who is not President Bush must leer and tempt women with immorality against faith and another man’s song.

    It is time to embrace old fashioned values and accept the new manliness, Newt Gingrich!

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