• Oh My, George Takei. Why is Sulu Everywhere?

    January 2, 2012 5:45 pm 20 comments
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  • It seems that everytime I turn around, George Takei is there. With his beaming happy smile. That gay dirty smile. You know where that mouth has been. He is admitedly and proudly gay. What HASN’T been in that mouth?

    It seems that everywhere you turn he is on the internet, now a days. He is on facebook, everyone is sharing his pictures. He is doing christwire article voice overs, he is mocking God and the bible on Twitter, sending love emails to the founders of our church, and has even been trying to illegally claim American Social Security. That’s right, this Jap is stealing social security from me and the rest of the real elderly Americans out there.

    So why is there this mass multi-media onslaught from this out of space fecal sci-fi bandit? The answer is easy.

    The Gay Agenda.

    Several years ago the gay agenda was running out of steam as Ellen DeGenerous and Rosie O’Donald bored TV audiances with their televised clam licking lesbian parties, everyday on day time T.V. The Gay Agenda quickly needed a new face to “take one for the team”. Being one that knows something about taking one from a team, and seeing an opurtunity to win fame and fortune, something he had in the 60’s and 80’s when Star Trek was popular. Takei quickly admitted to his gayness. Imageine what a coup for the Gay Agenda! Here is a man, once thought normal, and beloved by generations of America’s youth. Better yet he is a minority. Just like the Democratic party, the Gay Agenda LOVES minorities. I suppose it is too hard to recruit good upstanding white folk.

    Speaking of Democrats. Look at Obama. He is a Democrat. The gays love him and he loves them. He has allowed them to infest our armed services. Many doubt that Obama is in the pocket of the Gay Agenda, but this should prove it. OBAMA allowed Takei to be in countless government funded Social Security public service announcements! When I go online to get more info on when my check is coming in I don’t want that gay there with Patty Duke talking about being sodomized by countless men in seedy motels in the outskirts of San Francisco!

    So there you have it. The Gay Agenda has propped Takei up to be their new hero and mascot. They have put millions of Dollars behind him. Just so you will see him and become curious about him. You will add him to your facebook and Twitter, you will laugh at his funny pictures and then write off posts such as this as a joke:

    See my New Year’s message at That Blog Is So Takei, and LIKE it to help spread me wide!

    I am a christian Mr.Sulu! I do not support gays or spreading them, and I will certainly not in any way help you get spread wide so you can be anally violated by an endless supply of middle aged nerds in cheap Clingon outfits.


    He hopes that you will see these as jokes, but soon you will come to see them as reality. You will accept his dilly dangle going into another men’s back sides as normal. And then They’ve Got You! You may even become gay yourself ans spread the gay agenda to your friends, just like syphillis. That is how the Gay Agenda is spread

    He is so desparate for any attempt at fame that he is desparately publicising his upcoming broadway play called Allegiance.

    But like most all gays he isn’t happy with one plug, he wants more. He is begging for a role as Spiderman on Broadway in this pathetic and foolish youtube video that he recently posted.

    Even more desparate he is selling autographs for $60 on his webpage! A printed off picture with his name on it! Can you imagine that? I remember when people would give you a picture and sign their name for free. But oh no! Those days are over! This is what gays want. $60 of your hard earned money and to violate you Broke Back Mountain style.


    If you’re tired of Gay Takei, then I would love to read your comments. Please post below.

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