• Pat Sajak Gets Drunk with Vanna White, Then Makes Out With Her on Wheel of Fortune

    January 28, 2012 9:23 pm 20 comments
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    Pat Sajak has confessed that he used to get drunk while before every episode of Wheel of Fortune.  His drinking partner?  Vanna White.

    For years I have preached against these liberal ‘brainwashing’ propaganda shows on television.  Price is Right?  The 10,000 Pyramid?  Press Your Luck?

    These shows are all socialist, people.  These shows teach people that you can have great, fantastic hardworking American prizes like a brand new Ford Taurus or a trip to be treated like a king by the primitive Jamaicans, and do so by solving school child puzzles!

    This is the trap of liberal America. They have our morals and values all turned upside down. How about instead of playing game shows all day, go to university and then get a job! Look at this following videos. There are Sayjacker fangirls who will claim innocence and cry foul. These old lazy liberal housewives from Talooska will claim that Sajak is innocent and moral and has always stood for 80s values.

    Well, if he were so moral why do I have this following video clip. Look at him lust with Vanna White on TV. “Come here baby!” he drunk slurs and then gives her the business for all the world to see. Surprise this aired on NBC!

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