• Possessed Cat Unleashes Satanic Rage

    January 26, 2012 5:52 pm 17 comments
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    Cassidy Pen
    It is well known through the diligent efforts of the Chris†Wire research staff that cats are of the devil and their aim is the destruction of souls. Further proof of this can be found in the following video that documents the hideous actions of a satanically possessed varmint.
    WARNING:  The following video depicts feline demonic possession.  Due to the nature of this video, please first pray for God’s grace and have the weak-minded (women and children) step outside before viewing.
    I know that some of you may point out that this is a typical reaction from a dog of Vichy French origin and you are right. We’ve known since 1939 that the French react to demonic assault with whimpering flight but this should not cloud your realization that cats are of the devil.
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    Cassidy Pen I'm a soldier for Christ using both style and my own insight to present a faithful documentation of issues I feel are close to the hearts of my Christian Brothers and Sisters.

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