• Red Haired Monster Kathy Griffin Strips on David Letterman

    January 21, 2012 2:00 am 22 comments
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  • Not satisfied by further scaring Anderson Cooper further into the closet on New Year’s Eve, Kathy Griffin for some reason is continuing her crusade to turn every straight man gay.

    Sure, for age 51, Kathy Griffin looks great. But so does the 50-year-old leather baseball glove passed down to me from my grandfather. It’s nice and worn, a butt chaffed and fits perfectly on my hand. Whatever cow that died 50 years ago to make this glove for me and help me be a better shortstop for the spring softball office team, thank you. Your a sow after my own heart, just like Ms. Stripolla Here.

    Shrinking violet: The confident TV star ha already stripped during a New year's Eve broadcast with Anderson Cooper

    Kathy Griffin strips down to black bra on David Letterman, who quickly rerobes the non-intern.

    Intrigued and not puzzled by Kathy’s failed attempt to ‘convert’ the covertly lightfooted cooper, Letterman made the mistake of bringing up the New Year’s incident.  Griffin was supposed to be on Letterman to talk about her new celebrity talk show, “Kathy”, a sure ratings winner in the making.

    Perhaps in a premeditated move, Kathy informed Dave that she would recreate her New Year’s magic and proceeded to do so.

    David Letterman apparently was enticed as he helped Griffin unbutton her dress, her revealing surprisingly non-saggy (read, great New York plastic surgeon) cherry bons bons and a toned stomach.

    Then, as quickly as Anderson Cooper turned away, Letterman immediately shielded his eyes from the pasty red light blinding him and demanded she put her clothing back on.

    Griffin refused to do so until she gave the crowd a tranny rooster’s strut.

    Helping hand: David helped the comedienne out of her dress as she vowed to strip once more

    A saddened Griffin must put back on her clothes.  This expressive moment is reminscent of when the Cat in the Hat was kicked the hell out.

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