• Russians Thespians Put on “Ancient Flintstone Lesbians” At Local New York Theater

    January 7, 2012 7:10 pm 13 comments
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    Frank Meyer

    Thespian is a fancy way to say ‘homosexual’ so it is no surprise that a group of female thespians are putting on a lesbian play where they have vowed to put the ‘bed rock’ in Bed Rock.

    For some of you, that reference was enough to tell you that the gays are now going after the good, wholesome Christian Hanna-Barbarea created Flintstones about an ancient family living around Sumaria or Judea some 4,000 – 5,000 years ago.

    At that tender point in history, man was still very primitive and due to phenotypic plasticity, animals looked for different than they did to day.  Some had different colored skins.  Some looked very leathers and scientists called them “dinosaurs”.

    The show The Flintstones captured this history in a fun way that all children could enjoy.  Fred Flintstone was the caveman leader of a family.  His wife, Wilma, gave birth to a daughter named Pebbles.  Fred had an equally nice but somewhat guillible and more atheist neighbor Barney Rubble who appeared to be a midget.

    The Flintstones show promoted diveristy and the dominance of the suburban oriented family over that of modern homoseuxal bent nuclear cesspool ventures that feature two mommys or worse two daddys.


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