• Tebow 3:16, 45 Million People Turn in to Watch Tebow, Most Since 1988

    January 10, 2012 12:54 pm 4 comments
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    Mike Watson


    Tim Tebow, leading the new Moral Majority to a brave new era of faith and America.

    Over 45 million Americans tuned in days ago to watch Tim Tebow’s holy miracle comeback, the highest opening night wildcard playoff viewship since the year 1988.

    1988 was a good year, between the legendary presidency of Ronald W. Reagan and the father of the greatest leader of the new century, President George H.W. Bush.  Americans were tough in those days; snarling in the face of communism and fervent in faith.  The 80s were a time when Christianity and sports went hand and hand, the Miracle on Ice where an underdog US hockey team decimated the cold, roid-raging cheaters from the Soviet Empire being fresh in everyone’s mind.

    Tim Tebow is like having a relic from times of old.  The day will come to pass where Tim Tebow’s name is mentioned with the likes of Mike Ditka, Dick Butkis, Joe Namath and the monumental Fran Tarkenton.  When people say “Tebow” generations from now, it will be but a whisper, lest everyone takes to their knees and bows down, looking up to the Saint of Miracle as he continues to hurl down last second blessings from heaven day after day.

    While many Americans continue to convert back to Christianity due to the missionary work of Tim Tebow, some hardened atheists like Neil DeGrasse Tyson and rugby groping afficianado Richard Dawkins cannot understand the phenomenon.  To them, after all the miracle games and symbolism in those games, it is all still just a matter of chance.

    As Republicans we must realize that many of the people around us, who think differently, are ignorant sots.  They are drunken in their own smug arrogance and comforted by the thoughts that nothing controls their life but chance and fate.  But us of faith do know better.  We know that a bow of the head and a plead to our Heavenly Father can change even the course of a football game, if we’re doing our prayers in earnest respect and not as a test or bribe of our God.

    CBS NFL broadcasters and Subway endorsing God, but doing a symbolic show of prayer.  This is another victory for Christianity and America, our corporate enterprises recognizing the power of God and the need to appeal to him for blessings to our country.
    For those needlessly obsessed with numbers and statistics when we speak of faith and divinity, look at the facts and try to maintain this is a mere coincidence.
    In the last game, Tim Tebow threw from a stellar 316 yards.  Want to know his passing average for the night?  31.6 yards.  There is no denying that Tebow threw for these many yards so we could all be reminded of a very crucial Bible verse, “John 3:16”.
    John 3:16 states:  “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Begotten Son, that whosoever shall believe in Him will not perish but have everlasting life.
    This one verse tells the true purpose of Christ:  to save us, Humanity, from our sins by having faith in his divinity and the path to righteousness through Him.  We need only confess or sin and commit our lives to Christ, the choice being made clear in our nation’s Constitution and Godly heritage.  In Tebow’s last game, 45 million people were directly reminded that God is not only for Christians in America.  God’s love and kindgom of paradise is open to all people who live a life of good in faith, like our hero Tim Tebow.
    There may still be some nonbelievers out there.  Some of you right now snarl your faces at me and say I’m twisting two random stats, to make it look like John 3:16 was purposefully dropped into the biggest NFL playoff game of the year.  To you naysayers, I have one more statistic for you.  Remember, 3 is a holy number and this final statistic is one about global viewership, a symbol of the masses being ‘compelled to come’ as the Bible instruct.
    The Nielson rating for Tebow’s last game: 31.6.  Again, look at this.  The final quarter-hour television rating for the Broncos-Steelers game was 31.6.
    John 3:16.   Read it right now, if you are not one of faith.
    Even the most stubborn and controversial of celebrities are looking to the light of a true missionary upon this Earth.
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