• Tim Tebow Rises From the Dead, Will Walk Upon the Hallowed Grounds of AFC Playoffs

    January 2, 2012 2:52 am 11 comments
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  • Despite a 7-3 loss to the lowly Kansas City Chiefs, Tim Tebow’s divinity showed favor from God as the Broncos will still have a playoff berth.  Consider the number 7.  Its holy connotation represents creation.  3 is the number for our nation’s Savior rising from the grave.  Even in the face of death, Tebow arises.

    Even in defeat, Tim Tebow came out a winner.

    Today’s matchup between the Chiefs and Broncos was especially important for Kyle Orton, the former Denver quarterback who lost his spot to Tim Tebow.

    As the game progressed and the Broncos did not get a touchdown, an excited Orton was seeing jumping up and down and literally ‘stomping out’ Tebowmania.

    Tebow said of Orton’s antics and the Broncos berth, “It’s obviously a little bittersweet right now.  We would have loved to have won that game to have a little momentum going into the playoffs.  But I think it’s still a special thing what we accomplished, to come back and win the AFC West is very special.”

    Tebow’s Broncos are 8-8, and in the AFC West, that is good enough to be on top.  Next week the Broncos will take on the Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4).


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