• Tim Tebow versus Lance Armstrong: Why do Militant Atheists Hate Tim Tebow?

    January 14, 2012 2:06 am 24 comments
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  • Perhaps they are jealous of his success.  Maybe they are scared that they are wrong and shall burn in the fiery torture chambers of hell for all time.  Maybe they are just ill-spirited people.

    For whatever reason, atheists are not content with letting Tim Tebow be himself and inspire America.  45 million people are expected to tune in to watch Tebow overcome Tom Brady and a mound of naysayers tomorrow.  And even if Tim Tebow is not blessed to win tomorrow, his actions have proven one point.  Atheists are scared of what they cannot control.

    If there were a way to litigate the outcome of a football game, believe that they ACLU would be given massives funds by atheists to find a way to prohibit the Broncos from every playing again.  Atheists are manipulative, vindictive and cheap people.  They are morally bereft and bankrupt.  There is no other reason to explain why an atheist decided to create this image and circle-tug his little chain of friends on Facebook if not.

    The image is very immature and shows the mind of an atheist.  It is trying to make Lance Armstrong seem like a better person for not mentioning God.  Have any Christians made an organized effort to derail Lance Armstrong and make a mockery of him or his condition, his victories, even when he was facing allegations of juicing?  No.

    Also, as shown in It’s Not About my Bike:  My Journey Back to Life, Lance Armstrong is a fervent agnostic who believes in strong belief itself and is simply not fond of organized religion.  Thanking God is nothing wrong.  Why are atheists so upset by it?  It challenges their faith in their own humanity and absolute certainty that they cannot be wrong.  Tebow’s faith is crushing their smarmy beliefs and their own arrogance.

    Tim Tebow is singlehandedly proving that the new breed of atheism is a crude blend of fascism and militant anger, where Christians must be silenced and ridiculed for expressing their beliefs.  Anything less than that proves someone is a ‘fool’ or not better than the super-minded atheist.  And that, my friends, is the foundations of ignorance and intolerance, which seem to be the new governing points of operation for many modern day atheists.


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