• TLC Couponing Soda-Pop-Chugging Toddlers and Tiaras Trend Brings Controversy

    January 6, 2012 11:44 pm 54 comments
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  • In a recent episode of The Learning Channel’s hit show, “Toddlers and Tiaras”, viewers were introduced to a young pageant sprite Alana. Like many little American girls Alana is proud of her sloe-eyed couponing mama, known in the Junior League circles as “Coupon Queen”, and craves the alluring attention that coupon money and beauty affords. But many may ask, is this a good example for young girls?

    Today’s world puts even greater pressures on young girls to succeed. Examples of how to carve out success and capitalize on the blessings of charisma, charm and good looks are in short supply. Girls need good examples to mimic. Too many young girls are given lip service to get an education. While fine for the less attractive, those actions can only lead to a life of tears, coffee flavored Häagen-Dazs and multiple cats or a career in veterinary assistance.

    Mother’s Little Helper is BPA Free

    One of the secrets to pageant success and bringing home the cash prize is Alana’s ‘Go-go’ juice. Watching this program with my daughter, I let her know that sometimes a little picker-upper is necessary when so much is at stake. Sometimes a cup of coffee in the morning, with a little brandy warmth to chase away a winter cold is a great thing before dashing off to first grade. Maybe a little cough syrup to sleep so mommy and daddy can have some quiet time is good girl thinking. But the example Ms. Alana and her feckless mother provided was clearly wrong.

    What I found unacceptable is the fact this child was drinking from a BPA plastic bottle. As a mother I was horrified to see this on The Learning Channel. BPA leeches hormones into the product, even when made separately and added to the bottle, that when consumed can create irrational behaviors in children. This is clearly evident in Alana’s little hissy fit. This is why I never let my children drink soda and always poured their dinner wine in a metal sippy cup, not plastic.

    “Go-go juice makes me laughy, and play-ey, and makes me feel like I want to pull my mommy’s hair.”

    Viewing this peek into the lives of those reaching the pinnacle of what passes for middle class hopes and dreams leaves me with some unanswered questions. 90,000 rolls of aluminum foil and even more toilet paper, but only two pieces of furniture in the whole house? Who lives like that?

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