• Top Ten Signs Your Child is Addicted to Black Veil Brides and Probably A Gothy Vampire Witch

    January 18, 2012 11:18 pm 215 comments
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  • Desire of Damnation party - Photo by Alex Masi -  www.alexmasi.co.uk

    Soul chilling crescendos ripping from his mouth and sailing upon the zephyrs of a demon’s beating wings, Andy Biersack wields mind-altering vocals whispered to him by Satan.  A demon possessed college-girl can only lunge upon the stage and thrust her blood soaked body upon Biersack’s leather clad leg, her LSD soaked brain succumbing to the whims of Black Druid Biersack and Ashley Pretty, his bald headed guitarist.  The vampire ritual has begun at this concert and thousands of fans wildly cheer, the Everclear marinated marijuana turning the air green with the spirit of fornication and lust, the black metal music making them bite each other on the necks and give into unclothed horrors unimaginable to parents. Blood has been spilt and the clock nears midnight, has this fate ever befallen your daughter?  If she has ever listened to the Black Veil Brides, statistics say odds are 75% yes.

    The Black Veil Brides.  This band name alone is enough to send images of dark sorcery, blood rituals and secret midnight post prom orgies through the head of any concerned parent.  Sadly parents, if you have such imagery in your head right now, it is far from the truth.  What happens at Black Veil Brides concerts, and the minds of the naive children who listen and are possesed by their ‘music, is horribly far worse.  Far, far worse.

    The Black Veil Brides may be the most demonic black metal band of modern time.  As their name implies, the music is all about cult vampires, gothic witchcraft and makeup fetishes.  Imagine all the dark bat-head biting rituals of Ozzy Osbourne and his Satanic worship band Black Sabbath, and then mix in a concert where overaged drug bikers crazily run around, bare chested and tossing brainwashing drugs into the chirping mouth of your child.  Zombie faced, your children lay out prostrate and vulnerable while Satanic music plays and those sober enough use them in the worst ways you can imagine.

    Your child will be ashamed, angry and vehement when you ask them if they were abused at a Black Veil Brides concert.  Their eyes will well with tears and they will yell out in angst that they are not Satanic or a witch, just because they listen to the Black Veil Brides.  They are lieing to you.  Statistics show that approximately 75% of young women who attend Black Veil Brides concerts become obsessed with the occult and witchcraft, and are introduced to drug-induced ‘bad touches’.  Most BVB army females are secret prostitutes and abortion toking hookers by age 23.  We will not even horrify you to learn what happens to most young men who attend a BVB concert, it is just too tragic.

    Your children will not tell you about all the witchcraft, vampirism and blood orgies performed on stage at these concerts.  If you ask them about Andy Biersack, they will try to play it off that he is not some black leather daddy afficianado responsible for one of the newest psychological disorders in female children, Andy Biersack Obsession Disorder.

    Thousands of terrified parents have written to me and other child psychologists on board with the American Parents Association after Mike Watson’s terrifying expose into the addiction surrounding the dark band Black Veil Brides.  Due to the parental concern and the way fans of this band will try to hide the truth from you, we at the CW American Parents Association have made this Top Ten Signs Your Child is Addicted to Black Veil Brides and Probably A Gothy Vampire Witch.  Please read and share with others who may have children who have fallen victim to this Gothic witch black metal band.

    * To Help in this Study, we have interviewed and obtained pictures from a BVB army member and Screamo band singer “Veil Wolff’, a 3-year male fan of the Black Veil Brides. 

    10.  Your Child Wears Mostly Black Clothing, Every Day

    At right, a typical Black Veil Brides fan.  Notice how terrifying it looks with all the dark black clothing, a telling sign that Satan has a hold of your child.  If over 50% of your child’s warddrobe is black you should be concerned, consult a priest and immediately demand to have access to their Facebook accounts so you can see what Wiccan friends they have been messaging.

    Black clothing symbolizes death, depression and drugs.  The three “Ds” of destructive life choices.  People who choose to wear black every single day are truly possessed by Satan and hence the name of the “Black Veil Brides”.  A white veil would symbolize life and a pure marriage.  A black veil represents the Brides of Satan, which is what this band seeks to make your daughter.

    You can see this BVB fan is under the influence of Satan.  What sane person wears all black clothing every day, like they are constantly in mourning?  Your child does not know it, but the black clothing is also their immortal soul crying out to heaven, knowing a fate in hell awaits those who listen to this mind numbing music of Biersack.

    Do this test.  Flip the collar of all your child’s black clothing.  If it says “Hot Topic” or even worse,  if your daughter has a black leather Spencers corset, take action.  Black corsets are usually what vampire protistutes are forced to wear to these concerts and it means she has already been used up at least several times.  Take the loss, have your daughter checked for STD and if your son is dressing like this, send him to military school.  It is the only hope.

    9.  Hopelessly Type @AndyBVB on Twitter

    Children who are addicted to Black Veiled Brides will try to communicate with Andy Biersack every single day.  Sadly, the tool ‘Twitter’ allows them to dial his phone every day by simply typing @AndyBVB.  Your daughters can type things like:

    @AndyBVB – I will have blood necking sexsion with you lol

    @AshelyPretty –  Do you want to PLUR me from behind hehee POOR SMIQ (Parents out of room, so make it quick)

    @AndyBVB – W4t dr0gs w1ll b3 @ nxt c0ncrt? (What drugs will be at next concert?)

    To think that your child is typing these things while at school, on the bus, at football practice and even from their own room, all hours of the day, is really horrifying.  But it is the truth.  Just look at all the messages these mindless little gothic lolita hookers are sending to Andy Biersack and know that your daughter is probably in that number.  Do you have access to her twitter account?

    8.  Random Outbursts of Anger

    Most children who are addicted to Black Veil Brides are clinically depressed and potentially insane.  Listening to such dark, morbid music causes a change in brain chemistry.  Just like you can make your newborn child smarter and holier by letting them listen to classical music or Amy Grant while they are in the womb, your child can reverse that process and become mentally damaged and more lustful by listening to all this dark blood squirm masochist sacrifice music.


    7.  Fiddles with Homosexuality

    Screamo rock is short for ‘Screaming Emosexual’.  As documented by social scholar Susan Bxenu, emosexuality is a classified mental disorder in which adherents wear tight black clothing, forsake their true gender and have ‘pelvic mash fests’ with people of the same gender.

    Emo boys tend to have long hair and a make-up fetish, as seen by the front lineup of the BVB band.   They regularly kiss each other and make ‘duck lips’ in pictures, so as to entice other boys to come take a peck of their lips.  This female is supposed to be used by females, not grown men.

    What’s even worse are emosexual women.  They are usually strong of chin and a bit rough around the edges.  They are not soft and do not take pride in looking stunning for men, as their main concerns are looking ‘industrial’ and like an extra from a post-Apocalyptic nuclear war movie directed by the Wachoswki brothers.

    Emosexual women have no mothering instinct and will likely never have children, instead cutting their hair short, shooting up drugs and throwing abortion toking orgy parties with all comers as they listen to migraine inducing screamo music to celebrate their ‘culture’.   For every 3 emos, one fiddles with homosexuality and the other two are usually too drug addled and addicted to understand who or what they are fornicating with.

    6.  Is a Member of a Horrible Band That Clashes Pots and Pans Together, Screams and then Records it on Audacity, Somehow Thinking That the noise qualifies as life-saving Music


    5.  Takes Demonic Looking Pictures at Weird Myspace Angles

    If your child is taking pictures at ‘artsy’ angles and not looking wholesome, it is likely time to have an intervention.  When your child is away at their little minimum wage job or school, simply sneak into their rooms and click the “Tools” button on their Internet Explorer program.  Under tools, click ‘save all form passwords and data’.

    Then click the red X box thingy and they will never know you were in the room.  When they get home later that night, they will talk to their friends, upload all sorts of obscene pictures and putting themselves out in the world for all to see.   The next day when they leave, simply enter “Myspace.com” and investigate.  You will automatically be logged into their accounts, secret pictures and secret messsages.  Print out everything you find as evidence.

    Also visit their other favorite sites:  1.  Yahoo! Chat 2.  ICQ.com 3.  Facebook.com 4.  Tripod.com 5.  Orkut.com 6.  Tumblr.com

    4.  Growls like a wounded bear if you mention the name “Susan Bxenu”

    Susan B. XenuSister Susan is a world renown good Samaritan whose ministry has nurtured the lives, hearts and souls of nearly 5,000 children in 9 different countries.  Sister Susan’s Bibles for the Hungry Souls program in Africa alone has brought many from dark jungle ritual to the guiding light and joy of Christianity.  An article on Time Magazine’s website has said, “Susan is loveable like Mrs. Doubtfire, but the real deal.”  So why would anyone have any beef against this beautiful woman of holiness?

    For some odd reason, the Black Veil Brides and their fans have a cult infatuation with making Susan miserable.  They like to pick on the ‘old coot’ and call her mean names and make fun of her for sponsoring the “White Veil Brides”, ChristWire’s Christian alternative band to the BVB (cd coming in Spring 2012.)

    3.  Is Pregnant/STDs/Dresses like Hooker

    At this point, hopefully you have confronted your child if he/she has been listening to Andy Biersack and his Black Veil Brides.  If you have, you’ve already heard all the excuses.  “He is so dreamy and he has totally saved my life.”  “His music helps me study and be a good Christian.”  “They are actually all Catholic band and do not worship Satan.”

    “Listening to Black Vile Brides won’t cause me to run out at midnight and pant at the moon at the secret hours of Twilight, stealing into the home of the nearest Andy Biersack looking emosexual and then ripping of my clothes and giving into the must lurid fantasies of a panting Satan.”

    Your child will try to claim all these things, but look at this video!  Here we see Andy Biersack visibly ripping his clothes off on stage and all of these daughters are there, screaming and letting Satan whisper in their ear.  The description for this video on YouTube is: “Andy Sixx gives the crowd multiple orgasms by ripping off his own shirt this was a video uploaded by someone else, but it was upside-down, so i made it right-side up for all your poor little necks”

    One YouTube commentator states:

    lol *rip*ahhhhhhh*rip*ahhhhhh*rip*­ahhhh*all the way riped*(sexy btw)he smiles wait dont take my belt off *gets pulled into crowed* aww poor baby – TheMiSsAnDySiXx

    And another:

    lol *rip*ahhhhhhh*rip*ahhhhhh*rip*­ahhhh*all the way riped*(sexy btw)he smiles wait dont take my belt off *gets pulled into crowed* aww poor baby -MsHornayforAndy666

    Why are you letting your children become little hookers for Satan by listening to Biersack’s sin-inducing voice and strip show concerts?

    One concerned parent states:  If you didn’ see what was going on, it would sound like someone was being viciously murdered.

    2.  Forsakes their Christian name for some weird Japanese anime hooker hybrid with Satanic symbols mixed within

    When you break into your child’s ‘social site account’, you will see that they may have ‘screen names’.  Screen names are what children use to hide their identity from you so you cannot Google search what they have been up to.  Biersack fans usually change their name to “Cassie Sixxx” or “Vampire Death Angel6”, to symbolize their ‘dark marriage vow’ to Satan and sex.

    1.  Probably Practicing Gothic Witchcraft/Satanist

    If your child is listening to the Black Veil Brides, they are probably a gothy vampire witch.  3/4 lyrics by the band refer to some sort of dark magic ritual and it is not uncommon for blood setting ceremonies to take place at their concerts.  If you notice your child looks a bit flushed, take heart and no they may be anemic from all the blood loss, drugs and late night seances they are doing online with their BVB army friends.  The BVB army cult is a modern branch of the church of Satanic Wiccanism, the very same people who terrorized Salem only several hundred years ago.

    If you suspect your child may be a dark witch and listening to this music, assume they are armed and dangerous. Their minds can very well now belong to Satan and the whims of Mr. Perverted Mexican Drugdealer, so do not think you are just dealing with your sweet and once innocent son and daughter going through a ‘phase’.

    While one day they will get over the shoddy music of this band and all their bondage clothing, realizing it is just a poor teenager’s excuse to be annoying, it will take parenting, prayer and sometimes police intervention to get them to that point. If you feel your child is suffering from a demonic goth witch possession and Andy Biersack Obsession Disorder, please feel free to call our parenting hotline of RE: me in a message to the holymailbox. It is a tough journey to cure your child of poor choices in life, but we will join with you to help every step of the way.

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