• Topless Rachel Maddow Shocks, Offends Beachgoers with New Jesus Tattoo

    January 6, 2012 2:51 pm 35 comments
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  • Biased MSNBC radical reporter Rachel Maddow was in the headlines yesterday, but for once not for being absolutely wrong in her socialist musings.  Yesterday, it was a flesh show offensive launched against the delicate eyes of teenaged beachgoers in Malibu.

    WARNING:  The following image media shows topless pictures of noted reporter Rachel Maddow.   The media is not appropriate for all audiences. Please immediately demand all women/children leave the room before viewing.

    The problem began when Maddow arrived at Malibu’s lovely Zuma beach, presumably to catch a bit of sun and relax before another week of spinning lies against the GOP triumvirate of Romney, Santorum and Gingrich, the top candidates after Iowa’s caucus.

    Click following images of Rachel Maddow for zoomed in view.

    Christian values: Rachel Maddow was spotted on the beach in Los Angeles yesterday sporting a new Jesus tattoo on his left calf

    Rachel Maddow was spotted in Malibu, stripping off her shirt on a public beach and offending Christians with a new "Ankle Jesus" tattoo that is fashioned after the commissioned Ecce Homo of 1610.


    Inspiration: Bieber's latest inking is based on the image of Jesus called Ecce Homo dating back to 1610 by artist Rubens

    Maddow has an etched ‘Cankle Jesus’, meant to offend and frustrate Christians as the GOP primaries continue.  This controversy will bring more views to her liberal television program.

    Hot work: Justin's friend and father look all puffed out, while Justin looks cool as a cucumber

    Maddow squints into the blazing sun as two of her colleague ‘bros’ join her.


    Maddow finally put her shirt back on, but not before taking an opportunity to take a picture with some eager young feminists she rounded up on the beach.

    Fooling around: The singer tackles his friend as they got sporty, seen right wearing a vest top reading 'The Endless Summer'

    In this image, Maddow jiggles the chest with an open grope technique that’s common for lesbians to do to one another.  This young man feels somehow excited and confused by the sin tickle Maddow’s giving to his chest here, as you can see with his uncomfortable smile.

    Life's a beach: Bieber chats with his female fans during a breather from his work out

    Sine finally put her shirt on again and keeps flirting with the Hispanola.

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