• Was KKK a Godly Organization, Only Harassed by Liberals?

    January 9, 2012 3:23 pm 94 comments
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    Going to make this brief as I might be late to Church! Alas, another reason why the liberal teachers are spreading lies. In education, you are bound to learn that the KKK was an evil and violent group bent on terror and racism. But this is simply liberal lies. They were actually a Pro-protestant, anti-adultery, antiforeign, and anti-birth control Kristian group! They lead an ultraconservative uprising against the increasing dangers of foreigners and immoral behavior! These are similar to the strong Christian messages of Christwire. Those darned liberals are trying to villainize and ruin their true meaning and name. Don’t fall for the lies spread in the liberal history books, their message was true and Kristian.

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    In fact, a powerful and ultraconservative movement is what is needed today. Our morals are declining and the Athiest Liberals and taking over. Self Fornication is on the rise and not punishible by death as it was in the good old times, the Golden Ages, before the rise of atheiesm and the dark ages. An organization like this could bring the real moral character back into this increasingly un-Christian world

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