• What A Chicken Nugget Paste Looks Like: You Are Eating This, America

    January 31, 2012 7:21 am 38 comments
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  • Chicken nuggets, right before being soaked in ammonia to destroy bacteria obtained from the long separation process.  Since no one likes the taste of ammonia, it will be artificially reflavored and treated with dyes so the consumer thinks it is a natural cut of meat.

    Chicken Nuggets.  Hot dogs.  Deli salami and dried jerky.  Have you ever eaten any of these things, or even better, fed them to your kids?

    Deboning. To maximize meat yield, mechanical processing is used to smear meat and bone into an edible paste that is reshaped into 'meat forms' that will be further processed for color and taste.

    You may be shocked to learn the truths about mechanically separated meat, that is, the things you’ve likely consumed.  The image above is purportedly that of unwashed Chicken nuggets, right before being hard washed with ammonia and then to get rid of the chemical taste, reflavored to give the frozen chicken nugget taste we’ve all been conditioned to tolerate as ‘good’ and acceptable.

    While the process of producing MS meat products has been around since the 1950s, it is a regulated industry.

    During the 80s and 90s, the spread and alarm of mad cow disease dictated that beef could no longer be an acceptable MSM. Instead, an advanced form of meat processing is necessary for beef, but poultry and pork can and still is processed via MSM methods.

    Beyond looking disgusting, mechanically processed meat is a reflection on a society where speed and cheap cost seem to dictate the moors and tradition of the food industry.

    There was a point in time when wholesome, fresh foods were put on the table by the women of America.  But in this society that is becoming so focused on destroying traditional family values, there is no longer demand for a neighborhood butcher, a local dairy or decent food.  We live in an age of golden arches, microwaves and throwing down the most absurd concoctions in our gullets.

    To the left, the mechanically processed meat is labelled with the respective ‘part’ of the chicken from which it comes.  Note that after cooking, it blanches and looses the pink coloration, turning white in all cases.  What chemical is being destroyed or denatured by the heating process?

    Is this the food our grandmothers would have been proud to serve at their table?  I think not.

    On television you will notice more and more ads promoting juices and vitamins that are anti-oxidants.  They combat cancer causing free radicals.  Why are we having to defend our bodies more and more from the effects of chemicals?

    It is things like this, America.  Processed meats.  Genetically modified foods.  It is all unnatural and dangerous.   It is cheap and without true care for the consumer.  Some liberals out there will try to claim it is the way of the future, but honestly, is this what you imagine your child’s future mealtime looking like?

    Then when that is all nice and vatted out, we can shape them into patties and heat them for consumption.




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