• Why Does Public Transportation Still Exist?

    January 31, 2012 3:22 am 169 comments
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  • In 1742, a female named, Rosa Parks, entered a bus and sat in a seat reserved for a Christian.  This act single-handedly created Martin Luther King, Jr, Malcolm X, and Tupac.   In the days before Public Transportation, we had peace and love, not a mobile urinal for every homeless person on the Planet!!!

    Before I get called a “Racist” (for the 3000th time!!!  Can you morons be creative for once?), I would like to point out that I mentioned 3 different Sin-skinned fellows above.

    After Rosa Parks and Malcolm Jamal-Warner made Public Transit and rape popular, It has gone downhill.  

    When I board a bus or train to do my monthly missionary work, I always wear a C.D.C. approved “Hazard” suit, as all of you should.  My goal in these missions, is to destroy the hatred of America, and give some peace to the illegals, homeless and blacks on the bus.

    I recently saved America by being on a “Bus tripped Mission”: http://christwire.org/2012/01/bruce-danus-a-real-american-hero-like-george-w-bush/

    How many of you Atheist Racists can prove that you saved the World like I did???

    Back to our discussion, Buses and trains are filthy and un-natural!!!  When you step on one of these “Death-Traps”, you instantly receive an STD like AIDS or Ebola!!!  Also, there is a 98% chance of being raped!  (Look it up)

    Blacks, Muslim Terrorists, Illegal Mexicans and Atheist Obama supporters ride Public Transit because they can pay with food stamps and don’t care if they are raped!!!

    I am disgusted by these statistics and proof, We need to end Public Transportation forever!!!


    Racism is wrong!!!

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