• Xbox Kinect Game To Simulate the Crucifixion Gets Blacklisted

    January 5, 2012 2:11 pm 28 comments
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  • Kinect Christ Crucifixion

    Just when you thought the video gamers industry couldn’t get any more offensive to OUR LORD JESUS, they do. It’s like their standards of offense toward THE LORD are a high score they have to beat, and they devote hours kneeling slack-mouthed before their electric false idol trying to achieve just that.

    You would think that as full to the gullet of Satan-tainment as the video game industry is, they would be on the lookout for a different type of game. And when one with genuine educational, spiritual, historical value came along, they would leap at it.

    But as WE SERVANTS OF THE CHRIST have learned, that’s rarely the case when it comes to those without the gift of faith. Take the case of CHRIST-BASED game developer, Kids in Software’s Service (or KISS for short).

    They’re a startup business trying to make a go of it in an economy slowly being sucked of its vitality by vampiric socialist infidels. The developer’s first offering uses the technology of the Xbox Kinect device to teach lessons of THE CHRIST.

    In case you don’t know, the Kinect is a controller that reads your body’s motions. In one popular game, players must move their bodies to mimic the movements of a dancer on-screen. Kids in Software’s Service first game is called KINECT: CHRIST’S CRUCIFIXION and players earn a perfect score by how accurately they match the on-screen representation of THE CHRIST’S tortured walk to Golgotha and ultimate gift to save us from our sins.

    Gamers must be hunched over and flinch with every whip strike from Roman soldiers, every rock thrown by the complicit Hebrew mob. In the climax, gamers are scored by how well they hold their arms out as if they are on the cross. Naturally no one can score as high as JESUS HIMSELF, unless they of course nail their hands to the wall, which of course they won’t do because no one can equal HIS SACRIFICE.

    Doesn’t that sound fun? Well don’t try going to your favorite store to find it. That’s right. Thanks to Liberal Hollywood’s close ties with the gaming industry, this game will never see the light of day, or a high-def home theater.

    Joshua Christian Donofrio, Chief Marketing Manager for Kids In Software’s Service told me over the phone, “We know the demand for Christ-based gaming is out there, but no one wants to talk to us. One game publisher even said, ‘Fellas, I’d love to publish this game, but,’ and then he looked from side to side before adding, ‘they’re watching my every move.'” And there it is, irrefutable evidence that Hollywood is at war with Christian values. Did you expect any different treatment from the long arms of the liberal serpent?

    So what can you do to help? Call your local retail store and demand that they carry this educational tool! Tell them they need to carry KINECT: CHRIST’S CRUFIXION by Kids In Software’s Service. Tell ’em Reverend Yoder sent you on direct order from HE WHO IS ON HIGH, JESUS!

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