• America, The Cat Situation is Out of Control

    February 28, 2012 3:54 am 253 comments
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  • Cats are miserable creatures that are destroying our ecosystem. Every moment we let strays wander through our cities and our countryside, we ebb closer to a ecological disaster. America, it is time for us to take action against the greatest homegrown terrorist of all: cats.

    Felines are a very evil-spirited creature by their nature. In ancient lore, they were oft associated with death and destruction, and even in modern times we all know the Broadway musical Cats showed Satan manifest himself as a four-pawed, meowing vermin. Yes, Magical Mr. Mephistopheles application to real life is demonic.

    But even beyond the fascinating history of cats and dark forces in various cultures, there is a more immediate concern that any level-headed person must appreciate. Cats are dangerous, especially when they are without confinement to a home.

    At this point, some liberals will get angry and say the only dangerous cat is one without shots and not fixed. That is not true. Every cat is dangerous because cats are predatory. The predatory nature of a cat cannot be trained out, so whenever one is loose, it will wreck havoc on the ecosystem.

    Let’s talk facts:

    Invasive species. An invasive species is a lifeform that causes destruction within the local flora or fauna of an ecological community. There are nearly 100 million cats in America and of that number, only an estimated 20 million have official owners. Every cat is predatory and vicious, willing to maim anything it can kill. Keep those facts in mind.

    Fact: 1. Cat Life Span

    Cats usually live to around 15 or 20 years. In this lifetime, a cat can kill thousands of native animals: birds, squirrels, rabbits and humans, by infant asphyxiation or serving as a deadly disease vector. Due to the longevity of cats, their problem is akin to a snowball rolling down the hill. New vermin are born and just cluster up with their elders to cause decades of disaster for all other life on Earth.

    Cat heartlessly mauls and murders a helplessly endangered bird species to death.

    Fact: 2. Cats Are Murderous Deadly To Endangered Species

    In this very, very brilliant study from University of San Diego, we find that cats are murderous and deadly. They threaten animals like the California newt. They hunted the Kiwi to extinction.

    Our study above found that one stray cat in the wild, on average, will kill: 25 native mammals, 15 birds and 12 lizards, on average. Multiply that number by the 100 million strays we have estimated and you can see the ecological crises that worries all good conservationists.

    Fact:  3.  Few Natural Predators, High Kill Value

    On average, an unsupervised cat will kill approximately 60 animals a year.  This means that on average, in the US alone, cats are killing over 2 billion native animals per year.

    In 2010 alone, stray cats killed over 480 million birds in the US.  33 species of bird when extinct due to cat predation.  The loss of all these birds destroyed by invasive cat species cost the US economy an estimated $17 billion.

    The time has come to get serious about rounding up all stray cats. If a cat is not with a human, it is a stray.  We must get this idea into our heads.

    Cats are not only a threat because they have high reproduction values. Fixing them is not enough. We must make laws that make it illegal for stray cats to exist. Just as if a person let their dog off a leash and run stray, it should be an issue with animal control, so must it be with cats.

    Felines are deadly. They destroy the ecosystem when left to their own vices. They are costing us billions of dollars a year. The only solution is to find responsible owners who do not let their cats go stray, or immediately euthanize any stray cats at an animal shelter. We must get aggressive and protect our land from the new terrorist of the animal kingdom.

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