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  • In 1550 a slave trade had begun here inAmerica. White people had begun to market off Africans to work on large plantations. In 1850, the slave trade had come to a stop.  But not every aspect of it did. Most slaves were treated very badly. They were treated differently simply because they looked different, the color of their skin.The discrimination never stopped. In fact, it’s expanded among many people. Races have come to loathe being around someone of a different race. People with a different religion or way of life have come to hate one another. Even people of different stereo-types, whatever they may be, have split into smaller and smaller groups until eventually, they don’t really belong together. What is this world coming to if people of the same species don’t respect and love one another despite their differences?

    It’s in the schools, on the street, it’s even begun in the homes of families who have to work together to survive. Why do we hate one another just because someone is a different color, a different religion, or even wears something different than someone else?Why would we discriminate against some one who, on the inside, is pretty much built the same way we are? We have the same heart, the same fluid passing through our veins, blood. It’s blue until it reaches oxygen. Then it turns red. We are all living beings, when you cut one of us, we bleed. You set us on fire, we burn. If you give us a hug, generally, you’re going to get one back. You show us love and respect, whether it’s love of family, love of friends, respect of authority, or if it’s even love of a fellow human being, you’re going to get the same treatment back. Simply because we’re human beings.

    If you support this article, then do me a favor, you can even make a video about it. Go around and hold a sign up that says “Free Hugs.” But underneath it, place a white piece of paper that says “White only.” See what kind of reactions you get. Record them on a piece of paper. After a few reactions, Take off the “White only” sign and replace it with one that says “COEXIST.” Record these reactions. See the MONUMENTAL difference in the people’s reactions.

    I can already tell you what’s going to happen. If you encourage people to COEXIST, people are going to be happier. Discrimination and Racism makes a world where no one is truly happy.

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