• Are Atheists Capable of Love? Again, NO

    February 2, 2012 2:26 pm 441 comments
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  • The question of love seems to be on the minds of many this time of year. Perhaps due to the cold weather and abrupt lull in sporting events, after the Superbowl and before March Madness, the minds of many turn to thoughts of love.

    Of course Christians are capable of love. The Bible is filled with love or forms of the word. Depending on the translation, it appears anywhere from 400 – 700 times. The word hate, regardless of translation appears less than 100. But what of Atheists? What do Atheists know of love? Are they capable of love? I posed this question last year with mixed results. Many agreed they are not capable of love, but some bravely championed that Atheists were capable of something like love. My collection of Atheist Valentines tells an important tale of the courtship rituals of the Atheist and builds upon the premise from last year’s finding that they most certainly are incapable of love.

    Love for the Atheist is a utilitarian arrangement. This might be the reason so many are married multiple times and father children with many women. It begins in childhood. They will tease and bully the good Christian girls with candy and their Atheist nonsense.

    This perspective is reflected in the cards offered on Valentine’s Day. Oddly, this same interaction takes place multiple times a day on Reddit and sometimes here on ChristWire.

    Compared to the Christian child, the Atheist child is a strong contrast in personality. This is particularly true of young teenaged boys. Where the Atheist child tries to trick and tease Christian girls into naughty predicaments, the Christian boy is gracious and lets the young woman know what is at stake. This courtesy is common with the Christian child who has been thoroughly schooled in manners and common etiquette. Compared to the Atheist child who is full of lies and deceit, the honest expression of consequences is refreshing and light. This is one the main reasons Christian boys have a much livelier social calendar and a harem of women to choose from during courtship.

    For the young college gal that gets mixed up with an Atheist, perhaps through a Sorority mixer or a friend from study group, the shocking actions of the Atheist courtship ritual may seem rebellious or even like an adventure. He might woo her with midnight strolls along the quad or offer her his jacket after a midnight movie, but his intent is far from gentlemanly. He is after one thing and that is her very soul.

    Atheists delight in the enthusiastic conversion of young Christian women to Godlessness. They delight in the peeling away of modesty and the gentle probing of mores that might have become lax and limbered by alcohol or too much time away from family. He might begin timidly at first and then more urgently until she is on birth control and taking him into her dorm room to allow him a night of supple delights. Sometimes it begins with some favorite quotes.

    He might start with something light from a comedian. Most assuredly it will seem light hearted and innocent from everyday life. As the contributors and fellowship always warn, nothing should be absent scrutiny and certainly not the Atheist threat to our daughters.

    Parents need to warn their daughters and sons of how Atheists use the Christian ability to love as a weapon. Atheist are far more interested in themselves than others. They must appear intelligent because this is the quality they admire the most in others. Quotes from Atheist Jewish comedians should always be a cause for alarm, when they show up on Valentine wishes or embroidered pillowcases it really should call out the Soul Team Six of your local evangelical council.

    While it may not seem like much, these quotes and sayings can do a lot of damage. They begin to put cracks in the sidewalk of redemptive grace and will have your daughter walking the streets like a common hooker if not quickly addressed.

    Eugene Luther Gore Vidal will sometimes rear his anti-American face from his European lair of slime and ex-patriot American hate. I’ve never understood why he was ever famous or considered a patriot. His well known sexual appetites and toe dipping in to the waters of homosexuality and ties to the democrat party put him on many watch lists. None of those facts make him a patriot to become an expat, yet the Atheists tend to lift him up due to his verbose and titillating remarks against faith, family and females.

    Gore Vidal would have women and even men happily taking the sweet kiss of birch. This is heresy. The birch is a Godly metaphor for discipleship and the man’s stewardship as spiritual leader of the home. Making discipline a component of discipleship is important for marriage. Having dinner prepared on time and clothes pressed and ready is not work to be dismissed casually. Gore Vidal would turn the concept of the birch or discipline into a sexual one is garden shear chicanery of the highest order.

    For all the gnashing of teeth Atheists seem to do with regard to the Christian treatment of women, they really don’t fare much better in relationships. Insufferable fanatics for their own intelligence and voice, they are mewling needy ego sacks crying for affirmation. For Christian women that enter into relationships with Atheists, the days of tears and disappointment are many. She must carry the burden of caretaker for his insatiable ego. There are rejections of her belief as hollow and insignificant. He relishes her company only as a mode to fill his need for superiority. He does not view her equally intellectually, even if her education is greater. He is dismissive and cruel in his affections. His love is reserved for himself and his grandiose intellect and he feels he would be happiest with an Atheist woman that could recognize his greatness and express her awe with more verve. Such a coupling is also a mistake, but at least it avoids heartache for a loving Christian woman that could happily tend the needs of a Christian husband.

    Carl Sagan is a role model for many male Atheists. He has many of the qualities male Atheists will try and mimic. Sagan is smug in his countenance. Boys are particularly attracted to Carl Sagan. His deep hypnotic voice and knowledgeable communication style are charming. Steve Jobs tried to copy his mock turtleneck style. The turtleneck seems to be something of a talisman for Atheists because it enhances blood flow to the brain for the study of science and gathering of extraneous facts that further their activism.

    Allowing boys to study Astrology is a bad idea. When their eyes are on the stars, their minds are not focused on the Bible.

    While elimination of the space program has helped, some young men will take an unhealthy interest in Astrology. They will beg for a telescope or try to build their own reflective telescope. While one would expect a telescope to be used to look at girls, these young men have other heavenly bodies on their mind.

    Boys will casually talk about Doppling effects, red shifts or retrograte motion at the dinner table using dinner rolls to illustrate points. The name of Carl Sagan will ultimately come up. Parents need to put a stop to it. Since Astrology is rarely taught in Christian home-school environments, the child should immediately be removed from the liberal indoctrination of the public school system.

    Science is not the only threat to young men. Atheist girls can charm and beguile, flipping their hair this way and that, asking boys to ride in elevators and keep them up late at night drinking coffee. These strumpets are a danger that should have parents on Def Com 1. She may appear to be a good girl from a good home. Polite and seemingly clean, she’s a dirty little slug that will spread her slime all over your son’s tender stalks of Christian purity.

    Parents and young adults benefit from direct and focused involvement in their child’s romantic relationships. Christian children appreciate the added security of Mom or Dad asking questions and verifying with third party testimonials. Surprise visits and unexpected, coincidental appearances to date venues like dance clubs and cafes are great ways to interject sanity. Some parents find a Jesus Jedi moment in communicating to the Atheist that “this is not the Christian you are looking for” by creating social annoyances.

    Parents should invite themselves into any Atheist gatherings their young adult child attends. Taking the role of sheepdog to their Christian lamb-child against the Atheist foxes, a parent can stoically watch for signs of contention and enthusiasm for assimilating a Christian into the Godless heretic hive.

    Should a child actually be sucked into one of these Atheist relationships, despite a parent’s best efforts, do not expect any softening to convention for the wedding or marriage arrangement. Without the word of God and love these are very oddly defined relationships.

    Women are nothing but chattel in the Atheist view of marriage. This is sold or presented as progressive or modern by bashing the conservative view of woman as defined by scripture as slavery. It is a viewpoint that will turn your daughter into a common prostitute or your son an eager John. One of the often cited quotes of marriage for Atheists which is used in their mockery of the wedding liturgy is the homosexual intellectual Bertrand Russell. His statement on marriage places a heavy burden on men to pay the wife for intercourse. While he does not specifically outline the type of compensation, jewelry is always a welcome gift.

    The mockery of the Atheist vision of marriage and hatred for God does not stop there. Evolution and ridicule of the creation story have always been targets, through marriage it becomes a disgusting sexual ploy that defiles the act of love making into a self pleasuring thumbing and stroking of egos rather than allowing the blessing of new life to enter the marriage.

    While these young adults might claim to be ‘in love’, again it is the usefulness of a Christian conversion to Atheism that is the source of affection for the Atheist. They want to change the other, mold them, defile the faith and hope parents have poured into their child’s well being and flush it down the sewer. The Atheist paramour wants to change the Christian into his vision of a prostitute that gives good feelings for the time being. They wants a partner’s full attention with few distractions. This isn’t love, it is a mirror into self made hell.

    Love is the emotional component of faith. It is forgiving when there is nothing to forgive and patient when forgiveness is more substantive. Love is not expectant of exchange but accepting of the now and hopeful of the will be within a relationship.

    And God spake all these words, saying, I am the Lord thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. Thou shalt have no other gods before me. (Exodus 20:1-3)

    It is important to the Atheist that the first Commandment is broken in a Christian / Atheist relationship. It is important to forsake God’s love and accept only the love of the Atheist. For Christians this seems very odd. For Atheists the idea of loving God first seems odd. While both may have their finer points, it all comes down to faith. For Christians the faith to look beyond the moment is crucial to nurturing love. For Atheists, it is all about what you have done for them lately.

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