• Armageddon 2012: God’s Plan to Destroy & Repopulate the Earth

    February 8, 2012 3:16 pm 32 comments
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  • (chrisTwire) – Doomsday 12.21.12 falls on a Wednesday this year.  For most of us it’ll be a workday like any other, in spite of the fact that millions of people worldwide have created a global buzz about 122112… the day the biblical Armageddon begins that will nearly extinguished humanity and destroy the planet, according to the Mayan Long Count calendar.

    The buzz has been good for the economy quietly generating tens of millions in sales for survival gear, gas masks, nuke suits, guns and water purification tablets generally from consumers who prefer to remain anonymous. I’m thinking now is a good time to stock up on Bic lighters so I can ride out that run. Many out-of-work contractors have revived their business or started companies that do nothing but build survival shelters.

    And these modern-day shelters / fortresses are nothing like the underground backyard or community bomb shelters we had back in the 60s during the Cold War. Back then Christian men installed backyard bomb shelters to give their wives and children some sense of hope, but Dad knew the shelter would become the family crypt should they ever have need of it.

    I grew up in Los Angeles as a kid during the 60s and attended a Catholic parochial school before I entered the public school system years later. Trust me every kid in the L.A. Unified School District had seen the 1946 footage of U.S. military operations on Christmas Island where America tested one of its “commie-killer” nuclear bombs. Admittedly we caught some flak over dispatching some Godless tribe of long forgotten heathen pygmies, but it was all for the greater good. Christians found closure knowing it was God’s will and the test was a huge success for the United States.

    From the first grade on we knew that growing up in L.A. made us the fattest target on the mainland’s Western coast. Civil Defense entered our lives right after kindergarten and every child in the district had been trained to Duck and Cover. But once you’ve watched the Christmas Island footage and had that cherry popped no matter what the adults tell you after that, you know they’re lying. Only the tards on the short bus believed their school desks would somehow provide them with ample protection from a Russian commie-nuke targeted to strike L.A.

    As kids we frequently talked about “the bomb” at school with friends and in church. We knew it could happen at any second, and without warning! From what we picked up being within earshot of adults we’d pretty much surmised that the Soviet Union was bad. We also knew the president of Mother Russia was a drunken Godless commie bum and it was his finger on the button; and that we’d be killed in the first strike. Yet somehow amidst this insanity our lives as children resumed and went on as usual.

    This single family unit can be delivered and installed in your backyard

    But God’s plan is not to destroy all mankind; it is to begin anew with survivors and their descendants who will repopulate the earth. That’s why the wealthy will appreciate these new 21st century shelters that have incorporated new technologies into tens of thousands of secret subterrain family shelters and large community shelters, many of which are Christian owned across the U.S. and the world. Equipped with all the amenities of the finest luxury hotels and stocked with ample power, food, water and bibles to sit out the effects of the Armageddon; but the best thing is that modern-day shelters are reasonably priced starting at just $400,000 for a single family unit.

    The Radius Company of Texas has completed one large community shelter capable of housing 750 people, the price $41 million. Many underground Christian communities already in existence or currently under construction are fully equipped with commercial kitchens that can serve hundreds and have been stocked with 250 years of food. Industry contractors ink the deal by signing a contract that prohibits them from disclosing the location of any shelter.

    In Spain today you can buy a full-floor luxury Condo in a large community shelter for around $1.7 million; they come fully furnished and are designed for your family’s comfort. A number of levels offer entertainment including theatres, a gym, spas, swimming pools, a church with a fellowship hall and several recreation areas.

    This large luxury community shelter comes with all the amenities & comforts of home

    These survival shelters are designed to house generations of people so they become family heirlooms that can be passed from generation to generation. And for today’s smart investor these Doomsday shelters; regardless of size is where the smart money is. Wall Street insiders have predicted the price for these subterrain shelters is going to spike like no bubble that’s ever burst in the housing market before. As the Doomsday Clock count down gets closer to Armageddon 2012 prices are going to soar.

    And for you naysayers and the unsaved if it winds up being another Y2K you could quickly off-load it on the market at profit. Some investor’s claim the elite, powerful and wealthy will want to buy them if nothing happens making them a trendy new fad. Others will buy them up to wait out the next scheduled Armageddon? Perhaps we could pitch them to the homogay community to move into? Imagine the spin we could put on this…West Hollywood UDERGROUND! Certainly the options are limitless.

    God’s master plan is to destroy and repopulate the Earth. Those survivors who can afford to buy into one of these Christian community shelters are part of God’s plan. They represent a segment of the population who are educated, wealthy, white and generally Republican. God’s chosen survivors living safely within these large Christian shelters know it is their responsibility to procreate, repopulate and to teach the story of Jesus to the next generation in order to build a future for mankind that only God can envision.

    Doomsday shelters come in many sizes depending on your needs.

    That leaves us, the poor but saved Christians who welcome the Rapture. The moment when all saved Christian souls will depart from their meat-bodies to rise up to Heaven, where Jesus has commanded all of God’s faithful to join Him!

    Of course the fate of all non-believers is well known from Scripture. There will be those who didn’t prepare, those caught entirely by surprise. Most will be killed quickly but there will be unsaved surface survivors. Their fate is to compete for what resources are available; food, clean water, fuel, guns and ammunition become the new currency. People quickly turn on each other as society collapses into anarchy.


    The 21st Century Bomb Shelters are ideal for the wealthy Christian                     Rural Survival Shelters are also popular

    The unsaved on the surface live by raw animal instincts and form gangs for their mutual protection. These survivors will witness the Lord’s work as they watch Mother Earth morph into a dark sinister place, where they exist only as slaves of Lucifer. But when the deluge hits many more surface survivors will die. The only dry land for human occupation will be that which today sits above the 8,000 foot contour, which by the way is one of the requirements for all Christian community shelters.

    Is your family prepared for the approaching holocaust?

    For more information you can click on the following links. Only American contractors are listed below.

    Vivos Shelters: http://www.terravivos.com/

    Radius Engineering: http://www.bomb-shelter.net/

    Hardened Structures: http://www.hardenedstructures.com/

    Utah Shelter Systems: http://utahsheltersystems.com/

    The Survival Center: http://www.survivalcenter.com/UG.html


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