• “Bradying” Replaces “Tebowing”

    February 8, 2012 6:19 pm 42 comments
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  • Bradying is the new 'prayer pose' for atheists who are down on life, nothing to look forward too and with no true love because they deny Christ. Brady's pose sums up atheism.

    As we Christians celebrated the faith of Tim Tebow’s faith and reverence to God, atheists were jealous. 

     They hated every time someone took a picture of “Tebowing” because even though it was just having some good sports fun, it represented something that atheists hate in America.

    Faith.  Prayer.  Christianity.

    Tebowing was a fun thing everyone could enjoy.  Sportscasters, students and fans nationwide made a ‘meme’ of Tebowing, taking pictures of themselves taking a knee before God.

    Well, atheists, you don’t have to be jealous anymore.  During this NFL offseason, you can practice your Bradying.

    Bradying is when you sit slumped over, like a depressive gothy emo black veil brides fan who has no joy in life.  You can sit there and reflect on how you will burn in hell and cannot pray for miracles.  You can sit there and reflect on how if you don’t have Christ in your heart, how can you ever know happiness or love?

    To celebrate the taunting of atheist with this, we ask anyone to please submit images of themselves ‘Bradying’ and with some mark to let us know it is you.  You can submit this in this article’s comment section or email holymailbox@christwire.org

    Best atheist’s Bradying pictures (and if you aren’t atheist, you can still take one) will win fantastic prizes.

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