• Bronies: The Sad Story of Mindless Manboys

    February 3, 2012 11:02 pm 9 comments
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    Mike Collins


    tumblr_lsqjfkXNQr1qa4x8wo1_500.jpg Bronies: Friendship is Magic, Or Tragic?

    There is a new group of men, more accurately manboys, who call themselves “Bronies”.  These are people who are infauated with a show called “My Little Pony” and they actually think it is fine and normal for a grown man to draw rainbows, colorful ponies and sparkly things of that nature.

    When did men stop being men in this country?

    It is one thing to allow a wife or girlfriend to be lippy.  Everyone gets whipped by the Big V at some point in your life so you have to let the woman have her way to get what you need.  You know what I saying?  Of course you do.

    But there is a major difference between being whipped by vayvay and basically being a little girl in a pink dress.  There is no way on Earth that a man can convince me that being a manboy bronie is normal.  Flesh toned in pink?  Fleshy ears on the top of the head.  Pink wigs?  Nice try and I do not think so.  This is what you call homosexuality.

    That’s all I really have to say on this subject.

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