• Can You Have Sex in Skyrim?

    February 2, 2012 10:24 pm 60 comments
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    Dear Amber,

    There is a new video game named Skyrim.  I’ve heard mixed reviews about it and as a single father, was wondering if you can provide some insight to it for me and my boys.

    My three sons insist the game is nothing but fun and adventure.  I don’t really get games or ‘get it’ when they try to show it to me.  It does not seem bad.  But there are many reports (and one my your Tyson Bowers III) that state that it is possible for characters in Skyrim  to have sexual relations.  Is this true?

    I am trying to Google research and again I am not the most technologically savvy person.  I am seeing some evidence that despite what my boys have said, this game may be a perverted tool that can put bad thoughts in their mind.  Should I take this game away from them?  Thank you in advance.

    Single Dad in Baltimore

    Dear Single Dad in Baltimore,

    Your sons may not only be sex addicted lie fiends by now, they may have also been exposed to explicit homosexual actions in the game Skyrim, The Elder Scrolls.  While census data is still not fully counted, the Family Research Council states that to date over 82% of young men who play Skyrim are electronically accosted by homosexual pedofiles.

    Of that number, an estimated 3 out of 5 young men attend secretive Skyrim LAN Parties (LAN stands for Loosened Anal ‘Noobie’), a gay-slang for ‘breaking in’ untouched young men who are around college age.

    These actions lead to a higher incidence of gay bowel diseases (AIDS, syphilis , scabies), tendency for prostitution to gain ‘power ups’ in the game and eventually drugs and death.  Many young men have known to let themselves be ‘epic mounted’ by strangers, so that in exchange for sexual acts they can gain new abilities and items in the game.

    Skyrim, Elder Scrolls, is called such because the “Elders” are typically pro-NAMBLA men who use the game to prey upon younger people in the game.  To answer your question, gay weddings and homosexual meetups are strongly encouraged within the Skyrim community.

    These facts are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Skyrim.  It is a dangerous platform created by Bethesda and is giving rise to an emergent homosexual culture in otherwise normal young men.  You should immediately ensure your son’s personal computers have no record of the game and destroy any Skyrim game for their consoles, even if they are in college and you have to go into their dorm room to do so.

    – <3 Amber


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