• Celebrate Kwanzaa Day By Sharing Black History Month Baskets

    February 27, 2012 9:21 pm 59 comments
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    As we all know, black’s history month is coming to an end.  During this month the Black Community comes together to share great memories, unhealthy yet tasty food and laught with delight as they thank America for brining their ancestors here to a proper nation.  What a great story of success for these people.

    In only a few days, sadly this month of the blacks giving official thanks to God and Country for living here will sadly come to a close.  But not before a big feast is thrown.  Blacks call this Kwanzaa.

    A neat gift idea for those who want to help their melanin-rich friends celebrate is a little Marth Steward recipe.  You just neatly carve up a nice, juicy melon.  Make sure the melon is nice and juiced, because that sweet taste will send your friend wild!  Next, fill it up with some nice fresh hot chicken before you go over to their Kwanzaa (Swahili word for “House Party”) celebration and throw in a side of grape soda.  When you arrive with this gift, their eyes will light up wide with excitement!

    Happy Kwanzaa!

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