• Chancellor Barack Hussein Obama Finally Destroys Religious Freedom

    February 11, 2012 3:05 am 34 comments
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  • In what was undoubtedly the biggest blow to religion during Obama’s vile tenure of “Supreme Ruler” of the United States, a new “law’ is introduced allowing evil sex-offenders the opportunity to kill lives while employed by religious organizations.

    With this new act, employers are required to advocate for the drunken, hate-filled sex orgies that cause unwed pregnancies, by offering health insurance for birth control; the same birth control that allows perverts and homosexuals a “sexual free reign” and displays the lax moral values they possess.

    Although there is no doubt that Obama’s health care policy is indicatve of his true, “Antichrist” persona, this plan seems to have its roots in Maoism, the most Oriental AND evil possible form of Communism.

    It’s unclear what the short-term effects of this mandate will be, but it’s clear that the American people will suffer long term, as births of straight-laced, Christian men will decline and in its stead gay homosexuals will multiply in massive quantities.

    No longer does our society celebrate birthing — instead, disposing of life is as simple as blowing one’s nose.

    Pray Hard.

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