• China Reports Kim Jong Un is Dead Via Weibo (Knockoff Pirated Communist Version of Twitter)

    February 10, 2012 3:24 pm 11 comments
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  • The Chinese are up to their usual tricks of thievery and chaos. Today, the Chinese government revealed they downloaded Twitter’s source code from notorious pirating site “The Pirate Bay” and instantly used the service to cause massive torture and chaos for the people of North Korea.

    Only several weeks ago, God took the life of Kim Jong Il for harboring prolonged communist tendencies. Kim Jong Il’s son and successor, Kim Jong Un, was decidedly American and wanted North Korea to resemble American lead South Korea. This news did not fall well upon the ears of the Chinese.

    The Imperial Chinese government purportedly launched a complex scheme to disseminate knock-off Chinese iPhones and use their pirated version of Twitter, Weibo, to announce “Kim Jon Un is Dead. Kim Jon Un Killed in year of Dragon for like Yankee imperial.”

    The United States and other nations harshly critiqued and investigated China’s latest offense, causing the Chinese government to recant their Weibo (the Chinese word for ‘dragon’s chirp) and pretend that they were not responsible for the death of Kim Jong Un. Inside sources reveal the Chinese did not realize “Tweets” or “Weibos” are publicly visible.

    There is likely a stunt double now posing as Kim Jong Un and it will be impossible to tell if he is a fake, because all of these people are just too hard to tell apart.

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