• Ching Chang Chong — Jeremy Lin’s Innacurate Life

    February 21, 2012 1:58 pm 18 comments
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  • On every corner in the ghetto, you will find the same thing – ragged vagabonds “posted up” in front of a bristling Chinese restaurant. Up until recently, this potent combination of American inner-city hopelessness, Blacks, and the Chinese meant nothing besides a possible marriage to Russell Simmons parlayed into a mediocre clothing line.

    But that was until Jeremy Lin catapulted into the National Basketball Association, capturing the minds and thoughts of millions of unsuspecting Americans – people who are unknowingly playing into the Chinese governments plot to conquer America and spread communism and sin.

    If we adhere to biblical prophecy and correctly diagnose Jeremy Lin as being one of the agents of the apocalypse, specifically the “Beast from the Earth” than it’s certain that time-honored Christian traditions such as Basketball will be among those that perish.

    Jeremy Lin’s ascension to basketball superstar and media darling is frightening and irresponsible and is a clear cut indicator that he is among one of the most corrupt men in history. How convenient that this “educated” Chinaman is beginning to dominate the American social landscape, around the same time that the brutal Communist dictator Xi Jingping comes over to America, in order to properly scout and compile logistics for a Chinese take over?

    Why has Lin not had to do interviews or be held accountable for his actions? How come hardworking journalists are getting fired for writing God-honest articles, while Lin is ushered away, cloaked in a communist blanket of safety and protection. According to my sources, Jeremy Lin has not had to give a SINGLE interview during this two week reign of terror – a foreigner on the biggest stage in the greatest country in the world, not having to speak or justify his actions? Sounds awfully shady to me.

    I urge a boycott of the NBA – until these shades of Yellow and Red subside, there is no room for Americans to breathe comfortably. Only the threat of imminent attack is present, while Jeremy Lin shoots three-pointers, and possibly small Christian men.


    Where is Senator McCarthy when he is needed the most?

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