• Chris Brown Revives Career; Overcomes Beating at Hands of Rihanna.

    February 13, 2012 6:32 pm 21 comments
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  • R&B (rhythm and Blacks) black superstar Chris Brown finally overcame the stigma of being physically abused at the hands of Rihanna by winning a Grammy last night.

    Chris Brown, a talented Black dancer and vocal prodigy who hearkens back to the glory days of Minstrel shows and who got his start in the church choir, suffered a devastating blow to his reputation two years ago, after he was brutally beaten by pop diva Rihanna — a Barbadian singer known for her sexual promiscuity and practice of Voodoo.

    Rihanna, whose Barbadian culture entails bloodthirsty savage voodoo rituals that desecrate the name of the Holy Sprit, struck Brown with such ferocity that his career was in jeopardy — all the while she enjoyed a rise in fame by appearing in numerous other Gangster rapper videos and songs, unscathed and without having to face consequence. Her voodoo shamanism obviously played a role in procuring her more employment opportunities.

    In the Blacks women community, Brown received an immense amount of flak for defending himself against the vile attack because he subsequently blackened Rihanna’s eye in the struggle. The Black women-ran liberal media began to slander Brown’s reputation without even knowing the entire story — in a manner similar to the Don Imus incident.

    The fact of the matter is that Chris Brown became a victim of the media, who heaped an entire generation of Black blame onto him. Because he began his career in a church, people have constantly wanted to see this beautiful messenger of the word of God fail.

    Not once did someone stop and attempt to give one of our generations finest jiggers a shoulder to lean on, or advice for overcoming the pitfalls of women’s irrationality.

    As the police report states — Brown was driving in his vehicle, attempting to give Rihanna a diamond-encrusted engagement ring to symbolize his love when Rihanna, overcome by a potent strain of Jamaican “marijuana” weed, began striking Chris Brown in the jugular and temple, causing him to sway into oncoming traffic, almost hitting a chorus-line of Christian orphans.

    As Brown began to plead with Rihanna to calm down, the pop diva leapt onto him, gnashing her teeth with all the fury of a Black Panther gangmember. In order to nullify the violence and potential bloodshed, Brown used a karate technique known as a “Donkey Punch” in order to peacefully and gently neutralize the situation.

    Brown, was of course arrested by the corrupt Los Angeles police force, while Rihanna escaped in a cloud of black God-hating voodoo smoke to the nearest Currency Exchange.

    While¬† blacks (and hispanics) corrupt our Christian neighborhoods with drug music and gangster rap, there are little to none who exhibit exemplary behavior — Chris Brown being one of them. So it is for that reason, that I tip my derby hat to him (but in no way do I encourage him to continue his career of gangster rap).

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