• chrisTwire Asks: African Americans About Black History Month

    February 23, 2012 12:33 am 93 comments
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  • “chrisTwire asks” is a new regular feature where we ask underwhelming Americans questions about subjects that may interest or challenge them. Most of the topics and questions are user submitted. If you would like to suggest a topic or question, feel free to submit one via Facebook, email, or if you attend a local fellowship you will notice that starting last Sunday, new “chrisTwire asks” receptacles were placed in the foyer.

    Questions are then asked to the target audience via phone calls, Facebook chat, Instant Messenger, and on the street.

    This articles topic is:
    Ask African Americans About Black History Month
    (remember, these questions are user submitted, some may be more on-topic than others)

    Q. Why is Black History Month the shortest month?

    Rayhelle, Seattle WA:
    It is the month Martin Luther was born.

    Waverly, Gary IN:
    It is not the shortest month. March can be shorter depending on groundhogs day.

    Deisha, Houston TX:
    Because the Catholics control the calendar.

    Sammy, Oakland CA:
    It has nothing to do with it being the shortest month. It is based on astrology.

    Q. Do you think all Americans should appreciate the words and actions of Martin Luther King Jr, Frederick Douglas, Rosa Parks, Marcus Garvey and Harriett Tubman?

    Shawna, Chicago IL:
    They are all heroes to our people and should be celebrated by all.

    Carl, Springfield OR:
    Who is Frederick Douglas?

    Kendrick, Anaheim CA:

    Derrick, Newton MA:
    People of all races and creeds would be better served if they followed the words and actions of these individuals.

    Q. Are you for black suffrage?

    Adam, Oklahoma City OK:

    Claire, St Louis MO:
    This is the 20th century, no man or woman should experience suffrage no matter what color they are.

    Oscar, Lexington KY:

    Brooke, Rockford IL:
    Of course not, I am Black!

    Q. How do you celebrate Kwanzaa on a leap year?

    Tyrone, Miami FL:
    Kwanza is a month long, it doesn’t matter if there is a extra day

    Stephanie, Minneapolis MN:
    Leap years only happen once in a while. I don’t remember what happened last year.

    Karen, Shreveport LA:
    Is leap year a real thing? I thought it was a measure of speed in space.

    Sharice, Los Angeles CA:
    Leap year is in December you idiot.

    Q. What do you envy most about whites?

    Sophie, Atlanta GA:
    Their hair

    Brandon, Las Vegas NV:

    Carl, Springfield OR:

    Thomas, New Orleans LA:
    Home ownership

    Q. Do you know what emancipation OR proclamation means?

    Andrew, Seattle WA:
    They mean the same thing!

    Vernon, Dallas TX:
    They are part of the bill of rights.

    Leroy, Memphis, TN:
    It’s what minors get when a Judge thinks they have abusive parents.

    Sapphire, Columbus MO:

    Q. Is black hair greasy because of fried chicken?

    Germaine Little Rock AR:
    No, it’s because soap dries your hair.

    Vince, Wichita KS:
    Everyone has oily hair.

    Samuel, Tulsa OK:
    Liking fried foods is a cultural thing, it has to do with the climate.

    Daeshanda, Santa FE NM:
    U Racist!

    Q. Where was Obama Born?

    Winston, Newark NJ:

    Benson, Honolulu HI:

    Conrad, East Lansing MI:

    Richard, Denver CO:
    Washington DC

    Q. If you found $100, what would you do with it?

    Rondall, Atlanta GA:
    Buy gas

    Xander, Tacoma WA:
    I’d buy 100 Lottery Tickets

    Rodell, Oakland CA:
    I would get my cell phone out of hawk and buy a new ringtone.

    Lucia, Las Vegas NV:
    I’d get sooo stoned.

    Q. What has Jermy Lin done to Carmelo Anthony?

    Abby, Sacramento CA:

    Nashawn, Denver CO:
    He has ruined Melo’s game.

    Carl, Springfield OR:

    Emmet Las Vegas NV:

    That is all for today. Thanks to all that submitted questions. Remember to submit your own for next time!


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