• ChristWire Prophesy True: Adam Lambert Revealed to Be New Lead Singer of Queen, Spectre for Gay Freddie Mercury

    February 3, 2012 4:52 pm 43 comments
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  • Freddie Mercury Is Adam Lambert
    Three years ago, Freddie Mercury inserted himself into Adam Lambert and possessed him with impossibly gay talents of dramatic falsetto, stage presence and flamboyance unknown to the minds of normal men. Now, Freddie Mercury has managed to take over his band ‘Queen’ again and threatens to trick another generation of normal men into singing homosexual power ballads at sporting events.

    Adam Lambert announced to be ‘new’ lead singer of Queen.

    Two years ago, liberals laughed and mocked my journalism.  I saw a boy child on tv named Adam Lambert, singing in impossibly tuned falsetto and waving his little black nails all around while doing so.  Immediately I recognized a flamboyant glint in his eye and sashaying hips:  it was a walk all too well known and common:  Freddie Mercury.  Somehow, the ghost demon of Freddie Mercury had been reborn and I knew it.   Satan was making a second pass to revive the greatest rock music threat to heterosexuality:  Queen.

    Many Americans fail to realize that Queen is what you call euphamism, that is, minced words.  In the gay world, queen actually means “A man who dresses like a woman and tricks another man into colon clenching fornication, then a shameful/horrifying discovery when the light of days hits the brown stained hotel sheets’.  That is, queens are men who dress like women to trick us normal men into illegal backyard touchdown passes.

    Freddie Mercury and his band Queen had amazing music ability:  do not get me wrong.  If rock music were not naturally Satanic, I’d have to say those Queen boys were the most talented musicians of all time.  But since they wrote power anthems for the gay agenda and tricked us normal men into singing it at football and baseball games, they get a 0/10 stars in my books and are more lowly ranked than Sublime, Chumbawumba and Black Vile Brides combined.

    Now Adam Lambert has finally revealed Satan’s master plan.  Many of you right now are upset because you think Freddie Mercury can never be replaced, but you are missing the big picture.  Queen is so important to the homogay agenda, that Satan has allowed Mercury’s demon to roam the Earth and pick a new vessel for his voice.  Adam Lambert’s talents and abilities are nearly par with Freddie Mercury.

    With Freddie Mercury now leading his band again, an entirely new generation of men are going to be converted to homosexuality.  Did you know that during Queen’s most prominent years, that 1 out of every 5 men were converted into homosexuals.  That’s a whopping 20% of men were choosing to become gay.

    The day Freddie Mercury allegedly ‘passed away’, the number instantly dropped to 2%, where it has remained until now.  Already on YouTube, videos with the keywords “coming out” “gay docking” and “secret lollipops” have increased by over 78% on YouTube.  You know what this means!  Mr. Owl homotootsie time is spreading, idiots!

    America, how many times must we let the gays lick us with the same old tricks before we do something!  Why did we not boycott Adam Lambert when I first warned you all nearly 3 YEARS AGO THAT THIS BOY WAS THE MOST TALENTED GAY REBORN IN A NEW BODY!

    We cannot afford to have Freddie Mercury fighting for gays again!  Turn on your car radio!  At least once a day, you will here gay anthems like “Another One Bites the Dust” (song about giving mouth jobs to old men!) Killer Queen (anal assassins) Bicycle (“Riding” A Gays banana seat twiddle rompus!) “We will Rock You” (Obvious) and most infamous, We Are The Champions (saying gays will eventually get to mount us all and wildly jostle us in celebration).

    Today’s news is terrifying and just you watch. The new Queen is going to take America by storm and no backside will be safe.  The gays are gaining power again my friends and just like 30 years ago, a saspirallia moustache tickler with the greatest voice of all time is to blame.  Freddie Mercury (Adam Lambert) has come again, to be the voice of homosexuality’s push to allow gay marriage everywhere.  Just you watch, the dire prediction will come true.

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