• Computers – The Devil’s Window

    February 15, 2012 2:09 pm 99 comments
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  • Computers – The Devil’s Window

    In these dark times, my friends, one must take solace in the knowledge that above all else – God is always watching over us. But, as century after century passes and we find ourselves moving faster and faster into the future we must take a moment to ponder and ask ourselves – how and why has this all come about?

    What has become of God’s creation? How did we move from hard, honest deeds to lazy, machine driven service? When did an honest day’s labour become such a distant concept?

    Science would have us believe that it is the pursuit of knowledge that has driven this ‘technological’ era. But, as christians, we know better. We know that it was not God’s plan for man to transform into the power and material driven fiends that we as a society have become. No, my friends, this was the work of the Devil and through his Chinese constituents that have allowed this neo-futuristic concept of the world to develop and spread. But you might be wondering ‘How? How did they commit such an atrocity against God?’. Well, I shall tell you. It started with the invention of a little piece of heathen ingenuity called the Abacus.

    “They were invented by the Chinese between 2600 BC and 300 BC is considered as the first computer ever. The Abacus was used by the merchants and Clerks in China.”

    Note, dear reader, the obvious fact that the Chinese invented them in a year with the number 6 in it? As in 666? The mark of the beast? That’s no coincidence. These messengers of the Dark Lord saw it fit to laugh in the face of Christiandom as we know it when they consorted with Lucifer to create this artifact. But what does this have to do with the world we live in today? Well, this seemingly simple device was actually the forefather of something much greater. Perhaps the greatest threat to his core religious values that man has ever known.

    I am talking about the inception of the Computer or ‘The Devil’s Window’ as i like to call it.

    For years this ‘ultimate tool’ of the Devil has sought to connect his fellow worshippers through an ever expanding network of evil deeds known as the ‘Internet’. Countless numbers have flocked to this mechanism of despair, searching for everything from ‘Tips to keep on the goodside of Satan’ and ‘Procurring a Rape Van for the Skrillex concert’ to the infinite number of sexually based videos, pictures, toys, books, magazines and penis shaped ice cube trays now available on this ever growing matrixical web of deceit. What people dont seem to realise is the more people that become ‘connected’, the more souls the Prince of Darkness can add to his collection. When judgement time arrives, those found to have spent time on the internet will be judged accordingly – do not say you were not warned.

    The time has come for this heathenism to cease. We must be vigilant in our cause to rid this world of it’s sin and once again conform to the will of God. The only way we can begin the prodigious task of world healing is to remove this implement of Satan, this ‘Internet’. Only then, can we truly be free and can be seen in the good graces of the lord. Only then, can we be as the Lord intended.

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