• Comrade Barack Obama Allows Chinese Radical into Country and White House.

    February 15, 2012 1:29 pm 4 comments
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  • Barack Obama has slit the soft underbelly of American purity once again by allowing Chinese “Vice President” (radical leader) Xi Jingping into the White House.

    What has traditionally been a symbol of American strength and supreme intellect, the White House has been effectively reduced to nothing more than a scouting location for a possible Wok and/or Communist training facility.

    Never before in the history of American politics has a black president allowed a Chinese dissident to reign freely in the White House, with unlimited access to American secrets, extensive Military knowledge or wholesome Puritanical values.

    While millions of hardworking Americans are reduced to struggling from paycheck to paycheck, Obama has extended an open hand to the Chinese all in hopes of building a new Nike sweatshop in the National Mall – a sweatshop powered by Asian child labor, another move in a string of Communist-influenced business practices pioneered by Hussein Obama.

    It’s bad enough that the Obama’s treat technology like a young whorish teenager’s first date with Myspace – the First “Lady” answering questions from invalid ethnic children on a CNN “TownHall”, Obama using a “Tweeter” and the leaking of his Presidential Playlist, which includes sexually explicit R&B tracks from such dangerous Africans as Al Green and Common.

    Rick Santorum would never allow the specter of Communism to fleck the walls of our nations capital. For this I say, shame on you Hussein… shame on you.

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