• Danica Patrick 2012 NASCAR Gatorade Duels Daytona 500 Crash Proves Women Cannot Drive, Compete With Men

    February 24, 2012 3:20 am 40 comments
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  • Danica Patrick

    Danica Patrick Daytona 500 crash does not surprise any logical human as anything but inevitable.

    The image above is what happens when you let a woman named Danica Patrick behind the wheel of a powerful car.  Maybe it’s because women are more inclined to know the balast of a top heavy mini-van, but as a married man I’m here to say one thing:  woman cannot drive and have no business in Nascar, Daytona or any other sport where quick thinking, lightning fast reflexes and trying to compete with men is involved.

    Notice how Patrick, in the humorously odd lime green car, is trailing most of the race.  She gets herself stuck in an odd outside positition, then tries to clamor back in.  Maybe she was daydreaming about makeup or whoring herself as a website spokesmodel?  Who knows?  The mind of women are fickle and don’t stick with one topic for every long.

    But what we do see is something you will see every time you allow women in these events.

    Just like there is a WNBA we can watch for a humorous display of undersized midgets wrestling around and making comical passes and even more odd looking shots until we grow bored, until Knicks or Heat where real basketball players are competing, there needs to be a WNASCAR. Though instead of that W standing for Women, every married man can consider himself a full time ticket holder and say the W stands for ‘wife’. The result is going to be the same if you allow Danica, your wife or George Takei’s great great great Asian grandmother behind the wheel. It’s going to be wreck city and the woman will not be able to compete.

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