• Danica Patrick – ‘Don’t Call Me A Sex Symbol’

    February 26, 2012 12:32 am 4 comments
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  • NASCAR wrecking champion Danica Patrick has one message for the media: don’t refer to her as a ‘sex symbol’. The racer who is known for her modelish poses and being only the third woman to race NASCAR at Daytona does not want media attention to focus on her looks. Rather, she wants all the focus to be on her skill.

    And while it is impressive that she had the chance to race in Daytona and even more impressive that she wrecked twice in the span of one weekend (it almost beats out Al Bundy’s four touchdowns in one game), I’m not sure I would exactly call Danica a sex symbol.

    When I think of athletes who are more skilled at looking good than competing, my mind goes to Anno Kournikova or even Tanya Harding. Oh yeah, the cold ice princess is smoking. But Danica is assuming that everyone thinks she is hot. For me, it’s moreso a matter of being forced to look at her most of the time. I’m not choosing to google images of Danica. Sorry.

    At any rate, for those who missed it Danica Patrick wrecked her car twice over the weekend and is apparently not a sexy symbol. She’ll continue to get attention next week for her skills.

    Danica Patrick: Don't Call Me a Sex Symbol by Buzz60

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