• Danica Patrick Tries to Blame Her Second Daytona 500 Wreck on Male Teammate

    February 25, 2012 11:43 pm 2 comments
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  • Danica Patrick is livid and fuming.  After wrecking her second car over the Daytona 500 weekend, the female NASCAR driver is claiming that her driving errors are no fault of her own.  Instead, she claims, it is the fault of her teammate Cole Whitt. 

    Cole Whitt was acting as the ‘pusher’ in the race, a term used for the superior racer in a team helping a weaker one along so the team as a whole can get more position points. As Whitt was helping Danica push her car via draftwinds, the speeds became to fast for Danica to control her car and she eventually caused 11 drivers to wreck.

    As Danica destroyed her second car this weekend, she could be heard yelling, ““What the [expletive]!” “He [expletive] hit me!”” in very unladylike fashion.

    White took the high road and said nothing negative about Danica’s amazing ability to have two wrecks in one racing series.

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