• Daytona 500 Forever Marred by Danica Patrick

    February 28, 2012 3:07 pm 10 comments
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  • Danica Looses Control on Lap 2

    DAYTONA FL – Straight out of the gate just minutes into this years Daytona 500 the Queen of NASCAR Danica Patrick lost control in the 2nd lap causing a pile up involving multiple vehicles. Later as Juan Montoya was passing her on the outside Patrick swerved

    right into his car. Montoya lost control spun out and crashed into a drying truck in turn # 3. The drying truck was carrying a jet dryer and 200 gallons of jet fuel. Both the truck and Montoya’s car burst into flames landing Montoya in the infield and covering the track in burning jet fuel.


    Montoya crash after being hit by Danica Patrick

    In lap 13 another a 7 car pile up occurred after Patrick who was in 38th place tried to pass the 37th car with no possible chance for a victory. This was the 9th Caution Flag of the race, 7 of those incidents have been credited to Patrick according to NASCAR officials.

    Danica certainly has kept the race lively as the hour approaches 1:00 am EST and the crowd remains glued to their seats wondering what NASCAR’s 3rd female driver will do next. And she didn’t disappoint! Danica lost control hitting Stenthouse, Tony Stewart, and Legano which resulting in a 7 car crash. 4

    38 cars down Danica with 2 laps remaining isn’t taking any guff from her male colleagues. Matt Kenseth wins and when interviewed later he was asked what was going on with Danica. His reply… “It’s lucky she didn’t kill us all. Hey is it true she was a guy once?” NASCAR  has really gone downhill lately and needs to tighten their belt on regulations.

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