• Did Tim Tebow Pray for Eli Manning’s Comeback in the Super Bowl?

    February 6, 2012 12:49 am 32 comments
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    It is a well known fact that prayer can help you achieve anything, if your Faith is strong enough.  It can help you ace a test, cure a cold, defeat diabetes and even win football games.  Tim Tebow has proven that time and time again this season.  The only time that his prayers did not work was versus the evil New England Patriots because Atheist Wiccan Witches put a curse on him along with millions of Atheist Satanists from around the World, How can one man expect to withstand millions of people chanting Zulu Witchcraft magic to their Dark Lord Satan?


    Well today, during the Super Bowl with the NY Giants down by 2 points to the evil New England Patriots and Tom Brady, Tim Tebow once again dropped to one knee in prayer.  He asked God to guide Eli Manning and the NY Giants into the endzone for a Touchdown.  What happened, you ask?  God smote the Vile Tom Brady and his soulless team called the Patriots, 21-17.


    This is further proof of why we must return prayer to our schools and teach “Tebowing” to all our children.


    Praise the Lord for embarrassing Tom Brady in front of millions of viewers, and proving that Prayer will defeat evil everytime.

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