• Egypt Soccer Riot Further Proof of Need for US Occupation, 74 Dead

    February 2, 2012 5:06 am 11 comments
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  • Flares are thrown in the stadium during clashes that erupted after the match between Al-Ahly and Al-Masry in Port Said.

    • *74 People Dead in Egypt Soccer Riot
    • *American Peacekeepers forced out of country only two days before
    • *Egyptians desperately need American soldiers and interim American governors to occupy Cairo and protect them

    The oil rich country of Egypt is under massive duress.  Crimes against humanity have broken out in the country that America recently liberated from the hands of a brutal Muslim dictator. 

    The trouble started earlier in the week when military personnel from the new Egyptian government warned all Americans to immediately leave Egypt or be detained.  Many Americans in the nation immediately fled to the US embassy, while Washington, DC, immediately threatened to withhold over $1 billion in aide if Egypt continued to threaten American citizens.  Undaunted, Egyptian authorities defied America and showed no appreciation for America’s uprooting of the dangerous dictator Lord Mubarak of Mushbarak (Egyptian for “Land of Deaths).

    With their newfound freedom under America, in a short time Egyptians became used to democracy.  The people were allowed to have public sports and picnics.  Women and men could walk the streets as equals.  Freedom of all religion was tolerated and encouraged.  Egypt was a true 3rd world microcosm of America. 

    But sadly, a radical group named The Muslim Bros ruined all of this good stuff.

    The shot heard around the world started in Port Said, after a soccer team named Al-Masry beat Cairo’s national Al-Ahly team 3-1.   Like most 3rd world countries, Egyptians have to play soccer because the game of football is far too complicated for them and too expensive.  Despite the subpar nature of soccer, it is still immenesely popular for the Egyptians.

    As the fans engaged in a requisite soccer brawl after the Al-Masry victory, things turned ugly.  Without proper weapons, both sides began chucking stones at each other as one may expect these type of people to do.  

    Then things took a tragic turn for the worse.  In the chaos of the rock fight, people started to fall from the bleachers.  Others were suffocated in the midst of all the chaos and pandamonium.  Said police official Mahdi Sultan:  “The police opened the gates separating us from the Masry fans and their hooligans attack us with everything:  rocks, glass bottles, knives, swords.  Some had guns… How did the police all them with these weapons into the bleachers?”

    That is a great question and likely one that reveals a simple truth:  Egypt is not ready to govern itself.  Its police cannot even protect a simple sports event.  Had American soldiers been there, chances are that proper checks would have taken place and no Sahdi swords and stones would have been there to use as weapons.

    America has a responsibility to take a firm hold of these budding little mideast countries.  Their resources are rich and need to be closely watched and controlled to ensure they help the people of these nations.  America must continue to insert itself deeply into Egypt culture and win over the citizens, not only for the sake of America  but also for the sake of what every American cares about most, humanity.

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