• Ellen Degeneres and Michelle Obama Teach America Lesbian Pushup Thrust Maneuvers: Live Video

    February 2, 2012 4:44 pm 6 comments
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  • Michelle Obama went to visit her friend Ellen Degeneres and Surprise, Surprise!  The topic of homosexually lesbian came up!  Mrs. Obama is on a mission to make gay marriage legal so she decided to have Ellen teach America how to do a lesbian mounted hip thrust maneuver.

    Since lesbians do not have liferods, these little hormone driven thespians have the improvise and thrust wildly upon each other to reach a Satanic release of unholy seizures.  What is most shocking is that Michelle Obama is more fit at this lesbianism than Ellen Degeneres!  Are there some skeletons in the old Obama closet?

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    Now this reminds me of the type of sin I saw at Mardi Gras last year. Womens flopping their bosoms all around and refusing to put them back on. The more beads you throw, the more they take off! It’s all just so confusing and you cannot stop looking lest a secret prowling black steals your wallet on the busy streets.

    This is all the same. You want to look away, but you know that a trainwreck of morality is taking place so you keep looking. Obama and Degenderes now hooking up to bring family-friendly lesbianism into our homes. Sick! And of course, children were there and participating!


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